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  1. The issue is once the device is off, and then switches back on the router doesn't appear to detect it automatically until I toggle duma classified games on and off, then back on again for some reason. To clarify I make sure that there's actually traffic for the router to detect, and the traffic prioritisation will not light up until I toggle duma classified games a few times.
  2. Thanks for the response, I'm not sure if there's a specific place I should be posting this but I've noticed another bug. It relates to QoS, the traffic prioritisation specifically. Basically if I add a device/create a rule I need to toggle "Netduma Classified Games" on and off for the router to register that high priority traffic is being detected. Normally it should register automatically and the red light will light up. Now I've tested this with entries with manually set ports, and entries where I select a pre-set e.g a specific game, or program. The same bug occurs. Is this something you were aware of?
  3. Yeah I've just factory reset on 3.0.179 firmware and the DFS channels were showing, however after the router is rebooted they disappear and only go up to channel 48. Surely that is a bug. Will it be fixed?
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. @Netduma Liam I am using the latest 3.0.179 firmware. I know that a previous firmware I was supplied by Fraser definitely had the options. I tend to use channel 100 with my routers as any other channel normally ends up giving drastically reduced performance on the 5ghz band. It's weird that I can't see any channels higher than 48 as the original post of this thread specifically mentions having additional wi-fi channels including DFS.
  5. In my wi-fi settings on the 5ghz band I only have the following channels to choose from: 36, 40, 44, and 48. Should there not be DFS channels to choose from?
  6. Hi Fraser, unfortunately as long as QoS is enabled my wi-fi speeds are drastically slower. This is the same regardless of any settings. As soon as I select "Disable QoS" my wi-fi speeds are what I'd expect them to be. I actually re-installed the firmware you provided me with, did a factory reset and left QoS settings at default, so there were no custom rules, or changing of bandwidth allocation, and as long as QoS is enabled my speeds take a hit. I've tried the stock firmware to see if the issue was there too, and it was.
  7. Well I've been doing lots of testing as the w-fi speeds (or lack of) has been driving me crazy. Anyway it turns out the issue is when QOS is enabled my wi-fi speeds are horrendous, regardless of what settings I use. Even if I disable share-excess and allocated all bandwidth to the device I'm testing my speeds are still horrendous. As soon as QOS is disabled my wi-fi speeds become acceptable. I have the R2 connected to an ONT box and am using a PPPoE connection. Am I right in thinking there are issues with PPPoE and QOS? Disabling QOS to get decent wi-fi speeds is not an ideal solution as I purchased the R2 for it’s class leading QOS features. For reference I had no such issues on my XR500. Is anyone able to give any feedback?
  8. I recently purchased an R2 and have been disappointed by the wi-fi performance. Using the 5ghz wi-fi even right next to the router I can't max out a 300mbps connection (I'm struggling to get over 100mbps). I've also noticed quite a lot of packet loss. I've got an XR500 which doesn't suffer from the same issues, even when my line is fully saturated. Granted it was a more expensive router, but I made the assumption the R2 would still do what I need it to given software optimisations. I've tried using identical settings as the XR500 but still suffer from packet loss. This is after experimenting with various congestion control percentages, the auto-set up, using traffic prioritisation etc. Anyway I've noticed you are providing firmware for individuals with issues, are you able to give me one please? I can provide you with my order number as proof of purchase if needed. I did send a message directly to Fraser, instead of clogging up the forum with yet another thread, but appreciate he's probably bombarded with messages. I'd appreciate any assistance as if I can't get these issues resolved I'd like to return it during my return window.
  9. That's good to hear.The XR500 was my first taste of using Duma OS and it is without doubt the best user interface I've used on ANY router, and rather than being held back by Netgear (for updates etc) I jumped at the chance to buy your own router for faster updates etc. I look forward to an update soon
  10. I'm a little bit disappointed in my purchase. The WI-FI speeds are terrible in comparison to my XR500. Granted it was a more expensive router, but even at close range the speeds are poor (regardless of channel). I'm also suffering from severe packet loss too, and this is with similar QOS settings as the XR500. I've either got a faulty unit or as you say there's a firmware issue.
  11. Thank you for your response. I'll look forward to DumaOS 3.0 then. In the meantime I have done what you suggest with regards to bandwidth allocation. Should I be disabling "share excess" too. I know it's recommended that I don't normally. But I've found when it's enabled if I'm using Stadia (which I've allocated a large percentage of the bandwidth) and someone in the home suddenly starts playing Netflix for example, my Stadia stream starts stuttering really badly. Also as no one in the home uses a traditional console, should I set anti-bufferbloat to Never? I'd be curious to know what the implications are of setting it to always or detect when high-prioirty traffic, and having my stadia ports set to high priority. Thanks again
  12. I recently purchased the XR500 to make the most of Stadia as I was struggling to get acceptable performance due to lot's of Netflix streaming in the home and no QoS features on my previous router. However I'm confused as to how best to optimise the XR500 for Stadia. I have read through the guide on optimising QoS, but that appears to be aimed towards traditional gaming devices. I also tried making use of the traffic optimisation feature by adding the laptop used for stadia and manually entering the UDP ports 44700-44899, and the red dot lights up to show that that high priority traffic is being picked up, but my understanding is that's not suited to high bandwidth applications such as stadia. I've also noticed DumaOS doesn't have any pre-configured rules for Stadia, the way it does for console and pc gaming. Is that something that might change in a future firmware update? Can anyone possibly help me with regards to the best settings to use?
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