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  1. No news??? 200€ to the garbage??? Please...
  2. How Soon? I had to buy another "simple" router just to talk with friends,almost 3 months has past with this problem , any ETA? Thanks
  3. No news, no new firmware,no chat working, not using my r1......☹️
  4. Where can i find the update?Im on beta R1 Thanks
  5. I will test it and post as soon is out if the chat is working again. Thanks
  6. The 3.0 firmware its not out yet, i had the same problems as you, try to downgrade firmware to R1-v-1-03-6j
  7. Its a new preview dashboard for xbox, i had the same problem and i solved downgrading the r1 to R1-v-1-03-6j Maybe with the new preview 3.0 firmware works fine, we should have some test with the firmware. I had another bug that after some time i cant acces o the router, is fixed too downgrading. I hope it helps
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