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  1. A free VPN uses you by showing you ads and selling your data, that is why it is always recommended to use paid one. Check out Surhshark very cheap in the market or PureVPN offering 62% off on its halloween deal.
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    Yes exactly I was thinking the same.
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    Recently I have read a blog https://www.purevpn.com/blog/mobile-vpn/ and it confuses me that how a VPN can secure my device from malwares on public WiFi.
  4. speed is the current rate at which you are receiving data lets say 5mbps bandwidth is the max speed possible for example 10mbps is the bandwidth then speed can be 5 or 6. Ping depends on two factors speed + distance. if you live in US and connect to a server in china you will get a ping of 100+ms but if you connect to a server in canada you will get around 2ms to 3 ms. Hope it clears out the concept.
  5. A free proxy can also do the job.
  6. Maybe its possible But in my view console community is so huge. It will take years to go obscure.
  7. I dont know about many brands and model But make sure you buy 1080p screen.
  8. NordVPN recently had a data breach attack. They are too weak for their security.
  9. The paid ones do not limit your speed neither they will log your data but the free ones will cap your speed and only benefit thy provide is hide your IP. Think about it how can anyone provide you free service while bearing the cost of servers and everything?
  10. Now I have a hobby of depression only.
  11. Just clear the cache and you are good to go
  12. I have seen a lot of VPN deals offering lifetime service on one time payments
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