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  1. Im gonna try some stuff out and see what feels the best! Thanks
  2. if the range is between 30000 and 60000 shouldn't we use that instead of 30000-45000? i might be wrong but has any one tried?' Edit: nevermind they are 2 completely different types. so thats useless. How do you get wireshark to work on pc because when i open it, it crashes my game.
  3. Any other settings you could suggest me to turn off or on? Because i see alot of people choosing between using QoS or not and using ABB Or not. I could tell you my whole setup and you might be able to help me improve some stuff.
  4. i agree i think its to cluttered atm, maybe we could get like a more simplified version for people that aren't network enthusiast.
  5. Pc's, on duma it only shows me peers. i have connected once to a dedi server.
  6. i mean my nat type has always been open, but since i have seen people getting improvements with bullet registration i thought it might help me too.
  7. So is this how i port forward correctly or am i still doing something wrong? And this is what i filled on the TP I have QoS Turned off and anti bufferbloat.
  8. I don't mind portforwarding, i just wanne find out which port the game is using that i need to open.. But since they keep changing ports in MW idk if i should even bother.
  9. In the video he says its better to use Port triggering instead of PF
  10. So if i get this correctly its better to use Port triggering instead of Port forwarding?
  11. I've had games where it felt amazing but lately they are all horrible So im trying to find a balance between the 2.
  12. i actually have done both of these but never together. I will try that, thanks. So this is correct? and all i have to do now is add the once on TP? and this is the correct TP? Just making sure.
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