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    Thank you. I will update this forum to let you know if setting a static IP does the trick. Looking at my IP, i remember it being the traditional 192.168...... but when i just looked back at it, it seems to have changed completely. However my xbox is now officially Static IP'd and we shall see if this does anything for me.
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    Thank you. I've now tried to set my static IP, and will update the forum to see if it has worked.
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    I had similar issues with my xr700. If you look at System Information then Logs, you may get more information on what is happening. For me, I was seeing a lot of lease issues that correlated to the slow downs. I setup reserved ip addresses for just my critical devices (i.e. Ps4, work laptop, gaming  laptop, cell phone).  This resolved my issues.  As others have stated, I should not have to do this. I believe this is more of a Netgear issue. 
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    Welcome to the forum  Big Dog has some great suggestions above. I would first try setting static IP's for the affected devices. If it's still occurring, switch out your LAN cables. You should also make 100% sure the drop-out isn't further upstream by connecting your devices to your Modem and seeing if a drop-out occurs.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. 
    I have moved this post to the correct section of this forum as the 1 on 1 support help is by invite only by Netduma. 
    Your problem sounds like it maybe a misconfigured router or a possible ip address clash. I would suggest setting your console a static ip address which does not conflict with any other devices on your network. It is also possibly a line fault where your modem is losing connection, a fault lan cable. All these could point to the issue you are having and its a tough cookie to crack as it is a very slow process of elimination.
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    OneEyedWho reacted to Zippy in Router Briefly Disconnects HardWire   
    If you haven't already try giving your devices static Ip's. That tends to help. But honestly one shouldn't have this issue. But the sad thing is I get this every so often. Ive also been told its the firmware. Ive also have had mine for just over a year and have had a fair share of issues. And they continue. You can see what Netduma says but I think a lot is ridding on this next firmware. If its a bust I already know what I have to do.. Hope things work out better for you! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Good luck! And welcome to the forum btw. 👍
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