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  1. I'm not sure how these forums work, so i don't know if you all will receive this message. But giving these changes to my router, The issue of getting disconnected has not stopped. I played 1 game of COD and then after that game got briefly disconnected from xbox. Any other suggestions?
  2. Thank you. I've now tried to set my static IP, and will update the forum to see if it has worked.
  3. Thank you. I apologize for posting in the wrong section, I'm new here ha ha. But I now have a static IP and hopefully that does the trick. It shouldn't be a faulty LAN wire, as i have tried new cables over and over.
  4. Thank you. I will update this forum to let you know if setting a static IP does the trick. Looking at my IP, i remember it being the traditional 192.168...... but when i just looked back at it, it seems to have changed completely. However my xbox is now officially Static IP'd and we shall see if this does anything for me.
  5. TO WHOM MAY HELP: I've had this XR500 Router for a year now and its given me nothing but problems, and anywhere that i search im told its the Firmware. My most current issue is that When im playing games, or even just streaming something, on my hardwired devices, they keep briefly disconnecting. Currently i'm playing the new call of duty and every 1/5 games it disconnects me from Xbox Live and says you need an active internet connection.
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