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  1. Gotcha, at least I know it's not something that's off on my end. Thanks 👍
  2. So all of the US servers except for 1 are mislocated? Just to clear up; in theory it should be possible to change geo filter location and connect to servers around that new location without issue? Btw I have no issue with SEA servers. I would play on them all the time if I could, that's why I'm hesitant to block them. The problem is there are so few players that outside of peak hours finding a game takes forever or you don't find one at all. In theory I should be able to set geo filter location in the US to connect to US servers, and then use ping assist to connect to servers around my actual location (SEA) should a game come available. Is this correct?
  3. I've tried that, as well as just turning off the geo filter altogether. The thing is there aren't many servers nor players in my region (South-east Asia), so outside of peak times wait times are pretty long. The reason I want to connect to US servers is to just get into games quickly, albeit on high ping.
  4. Thanks. I always restart my game after making changes, so that can't be it. I wasn't aware dedicated servers could also show up as peers, so I'll ignore that from now on. It just weird to me that I'm able to connect to one single server in central US, but not all the other ones. There's easily 15+ servers in the US I should be able to connect to.
  5. So I play COD Blackout and I live in Asia. On non-peak hours the servers can get kind of dead, so I tried changing my location to the US to play on US servers. This works except for the fact I can only seem to connect to a single P2P server. This results in the wait times still being pretty long. There are many servers in the US so I have no idea why I can't seem to connect to any of them. If anyone knows how to be able to connect to all US servers I would highly appreciate it. Attached a snip of my geo filter settings.
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