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  1. After 4 hours of trying to install battle.net im lost, i have tried so many stuff that at this point it seems impossible.. its keeps getting stuck on "updating blizzard agent" i have googled every single solution, reinstalled windows like 5 times, tried both the XR500 and my ISP modem but without succes.. Something is blocking it from downloading and i have no clue where to look, can anybody help me.. Here is a post that basically sums up everything i tried - https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/t/stuck-updating-blizzard-agent/9077
  2. So lately i have been having issue with my connection, it has been dropping out pretty much every 5 hours and sometimes just won't reconnect after resetting it. I called my ISP today since the only way i can use the connection is with my ISP Modem between the Line and XR500. The ISP Modem is in bridge mode and has been checked by the ISP for faulty issue's but they can't see anything.. The did send me a new cable for the line so i could try that out but i think there is a issue with my XR500.. Every single time i disconnect from the internet i could normally still login in to my XR500 but since a couple of weeks it won't let me login.. Every single time it disconnects i wanne check the XR500 but the IP isn't working it just tells me there is no connection to the web browser.. Before i could login in to the XR500 even if the connection was lost.. All the lights on the XR500 are white except for the internet one, it just blinks red.. Could it be that my XR500 is faulty? or is it normal that i won't be able to login as soon as my connection drops?
  3. i think my pc is already prioritzed, i will send you some screen's maybe you can help me setup up the right settings BTW The amount of packages lost is in a spawn of over a week or 2. and dslreport also gives me: A+ A A+ on all 3.. i also needed to add ports because the router isn't seeing MW as a Prior. I should also note that i have a modem in between the router and my connection because ISP.. Edit 1: Im still losing some packages, no clue how but it seems less.
  4. I have no clue what you mean, if its wrong is there a way to fix it? Because like i said i don't feel like being consistant with the hit registration in atleast modern warfare.. and i sit around 18 ping
  5. No clue if its working correctly, so here is a screenshot of my packets loss. My download is 500 mb and upload 50mb if you need more information please ask, i have no clue if its working properly because i have a feeling my bullets aren't reg correctly in atleast the new cod.. I also have QOS on all the time, it was off now because i was downloading.
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