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  1. I used to use a burndown chart when i was managing my software development team. I'd always have a deadline and and actual projected finish date based on velocity of work completed vs work remaining. This way i knew if i needed to add more resources to the team in order to make the deadline. I've noticed a recurring theme with netduma, the excitement gets the better of you guys, you over promise a deadline and under deliver constantly for the last 4 years i've been using your routers.
  2. The original netduma software was able to filter hosts (show/hide) on the geofilter map by selecting and deselecting radio buttons. This made it easier to identify hosts by device when playing different games on different xboxes. Can you please add it into dumaOS?
  3. Hi, On the original Netduma software it was possible to filter out hosts by console, i noticed this is not a feature in DumaOS. Is it coming back? It was very helpful to block bad hosts by console. I often have 3 consoles running simultaneously playing different games.
  4. Hi, Before I upgrade to DumaOS again, i just wanted to know if there are VLAN settings on the R1 because there were there in the original Netduma software but omitted in DumaOS. I need to control the VLAN tagging to connect through my cable modem. Cheers, Joel
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