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  1. I use Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi from my XR700. WAN is supplied by optical fiber from IPS to modem and Gigabit Ethernet to router. No mains adaters. Foreign devices appeared in Device Manager in my earlier XR500 too, so I thought it's normal. This situation was the cause of my topic... There are my devices appears from last two days after factory reset, so white list might not be necessery. I hope it stays that way.
  2. Nice to hear Netgear is working on it. It’s hard to believe but I have several extra devices like Bravia TV (my neighbor’s SONY TV), many Android and iOS devices in Device Manager which are not mine. I did a factory reset after firmware upgrade and it looks good now.
  3. Hi, I'm happy to be here :). It usually occurs when I watch YT app and disappears quickly. In this moment WiFi name under icon on phone status bar disappears too (WiFi disconnecting?) for a second. After change the bandwidth allocation manually to one of device the rest of devices change the “ba” settings automatically. I tried with or without Share Excess. I changed settings manually for several foreign devices to 0%, save one by one and Update Distribution (or without “UD”). Then if I choose this devices the value is 0%-2% (it’s about 0.5-3Mbps but not 0Mbps…) even with Share Excess disabled. My bandwidth is 100/100Mbi/s and “Enable SSID broadcast” is disabled. This solution doesn’t work for me so I suggested to white list implementation a few days ago . Yesterday I did a factory reset. I had a hew issues to resolve after firmware upgrade (v. Only my devices are shown in a network environment now but before factory reset I’ve seen several extra devices like Bravia TV (my neighbor’s SONY TV), many Android and iOS devices in Device Manager which are not mine. After reset it looks like OK. Hope it solves my problems and a white list will not be necessary. So thank you for your time.
  4. Thanks for replay. I thought about it, but it’s weak point of security . No, the white list contains devices witch can access to local WiFi. The blacklist prohibits devices from entering the router via WiFi. Black list it's similar to block devices on QoS > Tree but I don't want to block each device separetly just like I do now... White list is a better option for me. - of course I have! I had the same situation in my previous XR500. After two, three days there was several foreign devices appears in my router Tree view and I had to block them one by one... The point is to block WiFi access for any devices except mine. It’s partly possible to realize in DHCP > “LAN Setup” but it’s hard to do… I have to register all my devices in “Address reservation” (IP, name, MAC), set up IP range to number of devices and increase “DHCP Lease Time” to max value (24 hours) but after this time other devices can register in router. It’s kind of white list but it works max 24 hours… I hope it will help.
  5. I’m XR700 user from about 1 year (earlier XR500) and have some ideas to improve security and router usability. 1. Login name. You should consider possibility to change login name from “admin” to any other user name. Maybe it’s good idea to have several accounts to log in to router (admin/user access) 2. Device Manger – I think black/white list would be good solution. I’m owner about 8-10 devices but there is 25 devices in my Tree… And still increasing (my guests, people walking near my house etc.). I don’t want foreign devices. b/w list would help maybe.
  6. I’m XR700 user from about 1 year (earlier XR500) and have two main problems 1. 1. Sometimes I see information on my Android device: “Network stop working” but connection is OK for example on YT. I think it’s WiFi problem not Internet connection. I’m a bit worried about it. 2. 2. QoS > Bandwidth Allocation – Hard to set value to 0%.This settings live its own lives. Second – if I set one device (PS4) to 20-25% and power on PS4 rest of devices lose WiFi connection. I set up QoS (Anti-Bufferbloat, bandwidth) options referring to instructions and many advices on forums, YT and Internet. Any help?
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