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  1. Some servers will show ping with auto ping on. If I manually ping a server when it didn’t show, I think maybe once or twice it showed the ping after a long delay. Most of the time it just acts like it’s loading the information, but no ping or any info on the server will be displayed for the entirety of the match, then I get moved to a different server.
  2. Just curious if anyone else has had this problem. Sometimes when I connect to a server while playing modern warfare, it won’t give me a ping to the server even though I have “ping server” ticked. If I turn “ping server” off and try to manually ping server, it will just act like it’s trying to ping, but I can play through the whole match and when It’s finished it still will show it’s trying to ping (like it’s loading the information), but it will never actually show the ping. Doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen rather frequently.
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