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  1. Still waiting for the long needed QOL update...... whats the hold up on the beta testing.
  2. Ok that makes sense. I can go a bitch to Virgin Media with proof
  3. I dont understand the need for this feature. If i wanted to know my connection speed, id just go run a speed test on the web.
  4. Are you guys going to adopt agile workflow after 3.0 release?
  5. Ive just tested on my phone, hostnames dont work but you should be able to access via their local ip, even if they're on a different subnet. But yeah, its a bit dumb that it puts you on a different subnet.
  6. Unfortunately no, but i was able to get pass this limitation in the end by using a different OpenVpn app on my mobile (OpenVPN for Android). Before i was using the official app.
  7. Nope, unless your ip needs to be whitelisted to join the server, in that case having a dynamic ip would make it real annoying for you as when your ip changes, you wont be able to access the server until they add your new ip to the whitelist.
  8. Duma Os is a prime example of how not to maintain software and handle PR. hope they've learned from this and adopt agile workflow when 3.0 drops. if it drops...
  9. Would be nice to be able to get router statistics inside grafana
  10. I raised this issue late last year... and they still havent released any fixes for it....
  11. Also when connecting to the vpn from windows, i get an error stating that the connection isnt secured by a certificate. ill have to remember to save the error message.
  12. Yes i have selected All sites on the Internet & Home Network. it most likely could be the OpenVPN android configuration being incorrect. I havent made any changes manually so id expect more people would have this issue?? No idea.
  13. Virgin Media in modem mode, XR500 as only router; with OpenVpn set up on the XR500. im not sure what you mean by this "Just to confirm when disabled does it go back to 1.1.?" I use OpenVpn hosted on the XR500 to access network attached storage and password vault on the home network, remotely. So in this situation, when im remote, i can access those two via laptop but cant on my mobile because its put on the wrong subnet.
  14. My home network is on 192.168.1.x So ive noticed that for some reason, when connecting to my router hosted OpenVpn: * On android mobile, it puts me on the wrong subnet. 192.168.2.x. * On laptop, it puts me on the correct subnet.192.168.1.x. Any ideas?
  15. You prompt me to go fishing for it haha, i think i found it
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