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  1. You prompt me to go fishing for it haha, i think i found it
  2. Out of curiosity, is there a plan to allow people to create their own R-Apps and distribute it?
  3. It will be great if the network map shows switches in the topology. I have a managed switch but the router does not display it. or at least let us add one manually and assign machines to it for visual purposes.
  4. Questions: Did you ever get better speeds? Are you transferring files from NAS to a drive that can handle whatever speed you're after? i noticed you havent mentioned what drives you're using in your workstation. if you're using m.2, what motherboard do you have. If you're just using a single HDD or ssd on sata or m.2 on a motherboard with insufficient lane bandwidth, you're not going to get gbit transfer speeds. also download and upload speed of an hdd is drastically different depending on the drive you're using.
  5. I feel like simple small quality of life features like this should be released as soon as possible and not with your long waiting waterfall releases.
  6. I hope this incident encourages the DumaOS team to improve their testing process. Lucky it was easy to revert to the previous firmware. If not already, should run Nightwatch or any alternatives to make sure web interface is behaving correctly when its booted on the router.
  7. I can imagine, some overclock head dodgily mount a full-size cpu cooler on their router haha
  8. Could extend the feature to allow you to create your own category with your own icon
  9. Will be an eye-candy feature to able to host something like PiHole as an R App
  10. Do you have a public Jira board so we can see whats in the works? and how far along your progress is.
  11. for some reason, the router flags any Checkpoint Endpoint Vpn traffic as an attack... Which is making it ball punching to connect and maintain a connection to my works VPN. [DoS Attack: RST Scan] [DoS Attack: ACK Scan] [DoS Attack: SYN/ACK Scan]
  12. Like seriously.... i dont want to go manually delete each of these rogue devices.(unamed device)
  13. Ive had the router for 4 days now and after 3rd day the settings page has gone blank. Edit: it seems like adblock is too op and breaks the settings page. Going incognito mode fixed it.
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