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  1. i have recently purchased this router and forgive me if i posted this in the incorrect section. i keep running into a problem where if i am on router mode i have double nat type. All the threads i could find on the internet that indicates you have more then one router on your network that is producing wifi. in my case i don't. my internet provider is wireless internet company so my router is directly connected to their equipment with no modem. i have tried port forwarding, setting up the wan/lan, turning the router on and off multi times and haven't had any luck. i did have a little success when i turned the router into AP mode. the issue with that is after about 30 minutes or so my Xbox claims my upnp was unsuccessful and while in AP mode i have no control over it and cant turn it off and back on again. so i have to continually switch between ap and router mode which is really inconvenient every 30 minutes. i'm starting to think i made a bad investment with this router. is there a fix? or should i return this over priced box and try a different brand?
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