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  1. Wow - yep, that's me . Thanks for the tip - I hadn't tried that - but will now
  2. Been having the same Device Manager error for a few weeks now - only a reboot will (temporarily) get it working. Generally pleased with the XR500 but things like this make me wish I had just stayed with my existing 'cheaper' solution
  3. Ah well - I'm weak. Amazon Warehouse UK had a XR500 discounted to the same price as the XR300 I had so couldn't resist trying it. Happy to report its maxing my connection on wireless as I hoped the 300 would have - 545Mbps down, 37 Mbps up. Now I have the speed/Duma OS combination I wanted!!
  4. Thank you - the XR500 is a fair bit more than the 300 from where I purchased it whereas the Asus was the same price. As its being running rock solid for my needs (and kept the kids happy during their Xbox time!!) I'm going to stick with what I have now. Will be watching to see how DumaOS develops though for future hardware releases.
  5. Just as an update - I went and purchased an Asus RT-AC86U today, connected all up and rebooted modem, suddenly 548 down and 37 up via Wifi?? Faster than the XR300 even with QoS all turned off? Much as I love the software of DumaOS - speed matters lol
  6. Difficult for me to test properly when wired as our recent MacBooks don't have an Ethernet port. Are older one does but its a 2009 machine so although I've tested it using that I'm not convinced its a fair test (in fact speeds where no where near wireless using that!!). I've factory reset the XR300 and set it up again. Tried a wireless test with QoS off and managed over 300Mbps this time. Now I'm all set up again with devices added and QoS on with sliders set to 70% (of 500 down and 40 up) I'm managing a consistent 200Mbps down and 27Mpbs up on wireless while a high priority device (Xbox) is being used. I'm ok with that but still curious how I can't max out the connection close to the 500Mbps wireless speeds I get with the Superhub 3 in router mode? Once consolation though is the wireless range is much better on the XR300. Not sure what else I can test - I've read about changing the Mac address of the router to match the Virgin one but not sure that would make any difference as I'm connecting ok?
  7. Have tried again but same ceiling to speeds occurs. Have set bandwidth expectations as you mentioned, have turned Anti Bufferbloat off completely and reset distribution for upload and download and then tried again with it on with the sliders at 70%. Nothing changes? The whole dashboard is taking an age to load right now so wonder if there is a rogue setting somewhere or its a faulty unit?
  8. Thanks for the suggestion - decided to have a reset/restart of the setup - just waiting for the kids to get off the Xboxes then will test and post back again
  9. I have an XR300 connected to a Superhub 3 in Modem mode on Virgin UK 500Mbps service and since installation I've only been seeing speeds of circa 200/250Mbps download. Had Virgin out a few times to check cabling in the cabinet etc but not improvement. They've been out again today and confirmed all looks fine in their tests so I thought I'd go back and test the connection without the XR300 in the loop. The SuperHub 3 confirms the connection is now fine at circa 510/520Mbps download (on Wifi) yet as soon as I introduce the XR300 into the loop, I'm back to 200Mbps?? Cabling is all Cat5e or Cat 7. Any ideas why the XR300 is not achieving the full speed of the connection?
  10. Excellent. Thank you. Will stick to normal radius setting then. Cheers :)
  11. Hi - have been using a XR300 for about a week with a Virgin UK connection and thinks its fantastic. Just one quick question really - I play a bit of Battlefield on PS4 and had just been setting it up in the Geo Filter with a radius that broadly covered all of Europe. Then I found the Battlefield profile which looks like it encompasses the whole globe - is that right or is it just that the profile ignore the distance controls in the Geo-filter? Just trying to figure out which is best for me.
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