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  1. @Netduma Fraser so after giving what bert said a shot, it's worked... after reset and auto setup then just adding my own dns there are no issues. Really clueless as to what the issue was but I really appreciate everyone's help. Wouldn't have even known where to start looking. Again thank you everyone.
  2. @Bert So when I got it all going it recognised that it needed a firmware update, didn't take note of what version it's currently running. When it tried to update it wouldn't download anything, speed test didn't work either. Will wait for people to go to work today then give it another go with something set up manually.
  3. Yeah, done many times. I'm using the old router now and no issues to anything. It is a router/modem but everywhere I've read says the ntd works as one so only a router is needed. Am pretty new to a lot of this stuff. I think I'll have a talk with the telstra nbn support and see if they know something.
  4. Ok so I've tried all of these things, regardless of the dns settings I am able to ping the google dns and the one used by my previous router. Have gone through it from scratch again, without pppoe the internet light stays orange. Pinging a DNS will go through but still nothing to web addresses. Teamspeak is also usable but discord isn't, really lost now haha.
  5. would make sense, anything i've looked at says fttp doesn't use pppoe but will have to reboot at later time. When I originally set it up I tried without anything but now on auto setup it requests pppoe and doing so gives me the half internet access Edit: no didnt set up anything vlan related
  6. yep, friend of mine with some networking degree had a look at the way it's set up and can't seem to find any issues
  7. No everything just done auto, I'm with Telstra velocity in aus. Only have the xr500 coming from ntd. Previously using some technicolor model.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys So I've gone through everything fully again. NTD and router off and getting the same results. It does get a WAN IP, everything indicates that I should have internet. I thought maybe my ISP used a certain DNS so I've copied everything from the previous router (Primary/Secondary/MAC) and still can''t get it to go through. When pinging googles DNS I get my usual 60ms but if i just ping google.com it will only reach my router <1ms. Really lost as to what is causing the issue here.
  9. Having some issues with setting up my new xr500. Old router is working on same setup fine, on a fttp setup it goes through the auto setup when logging in, internet light on router turns white, says I'm connected on all wired/wireless devices in home but doesn't have any actual access to the internet. It asks for pppoe when setting up and have got all of that right since the same thing works on the router currently in use. Any ideas? bit stuck thanks for reading
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