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  1. This also started happening just recently on my XR500. As of a few days ago I started noticing the 'R-app' not loaded message, a few seconds after I turn on the geo-filter. I've yet to down grade my firmware to see if it helps, my next step is just factory resetting I guess.
  2. Yeah so far it seems as if geo-filter does it best to work within your own team, and anyone outside of the team you are on, seems to be outside the desired range of the geo-filter settings. Which is resulting in more less favorable matches on ping / general connections. There is no way for me to see some people outside of the range since Bungie seems to of changed some netcode settings that only resolves the main route or node from Steam so it hides the players origin, and only shows a directory for that steam auth server.. Which are not showing as servers all the time, it seems.
  3. Bungie deployed an update to their netcode & it has made my geo-filter act really funky along with a lot more rubber-banding lobbies. It worked decent before when I set my computer to a console and turned off 'Strict mode'.. now it seems to only want to pull players from Oceania or EU regions, legit corners of the world from where I am located.
  4. Anyone experiencing really bad connections with/without geo-filter "on" ? I know Destiny 2 changed a lot on their back-end to handle issues for new PvP game modes but also to help against router software like DumaOS feature of geo-filter. Ever since this update ( a month ago or so ) PvP connections are horrible, no matter the game mode, no matter the geo-filter settings. The biggest change other then crap connections is majority of the lobby are all from EU or Oceania, it is almost as if the Duma OS software or the game keeps putting my location anywhere but my actual.
  5. I am on PC & set up my device as a PC with the Call of Duty profile. The picture below along with the latest one I just posted showing the local data-center (via selecting it myself, not auto-ping). This picture below is the top half of the screenshot since my web browser on my Note 10 doesn't allow me to down scale the sizing (blame DeX labs). Also this picture and the one prior I am just sitting in the main menus for PvP, not match making.
  6. Right.. and even though I don't write any of the netcode or configs to these servers protocal.. yet I would figure it would be more reliable to have every running server to always auth each in bound/out bount IP (user) so just having (1) server location handling all these requests would be ineffiecent?.. Again I'm not a professional at setting up servers running this type of data encapsulation.. I just write JavaScript and some Python here & there to make my APIs work...
  7. The screenshot you see my location as a square goes away and the Ireland server stays along with auto-ping not displaying anything. That square in the circle is 108-61-5-113.choopa.net (which is located about 50 miles away) and typically I see 4-6ms ping to that data-center (seen below) So you think that "108-61-5-113.choopa.net" is the game server? And the only reason I ask this.. is that with Auto-ping host on, the details shows (typically it shows as a 60-100ms ping) stats to something not inside the circle & it is defiently not "108-61-5-113.choopa.net" because if it was I would notice a huge difference in game play.
  8. Filtering mode on & that Ireland server is still my lobby.
  9. Filtering mode on & that Ireland server is still displaying.. as if it is the lobby. (this is while I am in a match)
  10. The first image I uploaded is when I goto login & the second is while I match make. So from what you are telling me; each time I match make for a game, I'm being put into the login auth server? And when I am not in spectating mode, the experience is even worse along with not being able to 'connect profile' when trying to launch Modern Warfare. So in order for me to even play the game I have to make sure all geo-filtering is off & sometimes have to remove/reset my device (computer) then add it after the fact I launched the game .. and then put it into filtering mode once I'm completely logged into the game but I keep only seeing the Ireland server 90% of the time, eventually I might see a different server (just 1) some where else in EU or NA, but that is like 1 or 2 out of a dozen matches.
  11. I will screen shot today when I match making on PC solo (filtering on/off doesn't matter) -- which will show that Ireland server populating during match making then nothing else shows up while in the match itself (this process repeats itself) Then when I match make with a friend on xbox (joining his lobby) with filtering off, that Ireland server never shows up.. so what does that Ireland server have to do with logging me into the game? Because I have a list of Demonware servers that MW uses, and there are more closer to my location then Ireland to just log me into the game.. And I doubt they set up the Ireland server as the default login server that would be pretty poor modeling/handling of a user login server.
  12. So I play Modern Warfare on PC only but I sometimes connect lobbies with friends on xbox & this is what I've noticed.. Solo queuing 10v10 & smaller game modes (Filtering): More frequently being pushed to servers outside my range (suspect seems to be a Demonserver located in Ireland) Maybe ONE person might show up inside my set 'range' yet I assume that is myself due to the location of the person If my own location or no one else populates in my 'range' then a server icon will be located within the range (assuming the geo-filter is confusing a server with a host) Ping shows typically 30ms but the lobby doesn't play like 30ms since the jitter rate might be through the roof due to experiencing packet gain or loss spikes (which is no good) Solo queuing 10v10 & smaller game modes (No filtering): Not as frequently will the match making push me to a server in Ireland. I've had it a few times make an attempt too then it throws me back in the US (somewhere down south, Georgia) More players populate on my map but obviously at this point they are outside my 'range' ( yes filtering is off, so this is going to happen) More servers in the USA populate while the ONE in Ireland flickers on and off Ping shows around 25-30ms; yet it seems 50/50 on being complete shit connections or stable that the game does reward for getting hit markers on targets. Joining a friend on xbox queuing 10v10 & smaller games (No filtering): The only servers that populate on the geo-filter map are always in the US Most players that populate on the map are actually within my 'range' ( I am assuming since my xbox friends are all local to me, it is picking up and prioritizing the xbox on that server better then a PC) Ping shows as low as 10ms sometimes (never seen this on PC only matching), on average I'd say its 15-20ms Brutal night & day difference that almost every game is a stable connection ( yes the lobby is a mix of PC/console, but its so much better playing MW this way on PC) Out of all three of these scenarios (being a PC player) joining a xbox (console) lobby to match make through, seems to be my best option for stabilizing my PvP experience on Modern Warfare. Now the only thing I am not sure about in the above scenarios is if match making is based off skill or connection because when I played with my friends on xbox I would constantly be top fragging the scoreboard with decent KD but typically and consistently 2nd or 3rd most kills in the game. Now when I didn't join a friend on xbox and solo queued with or without filtering I would (75%) of the time bottom frag with lack luster amount of kills due to losing 1v1 when I had the jump or not.
  13. The original poster for this topic looks to have the same issues I've had although mine keep pushing me to a server in Ireland regardless of filtering or not. I posted this in the MDW forum as well as reporting it in the google sheets style form.
  14. Either the backend config on the geo-filter is forcing my 'device' (computer) to connect to that Ireland server I posted above, or the game (activision servers) are forcing my IP no matter my configure on the geo-filter to go through Ireland. It doesn't matter where I put my circle, or if I set it to strict or not with or without ping assist.. it still trys to force my IP to connect to that Ireland server. And yes I've 'flushed the cloud' & no it does not fix this. The only fix is if I keep playing the same lobby eventually if I get lucky enough it switches me over to an actual US server at some point & then I end up seeing all the US servers (not just my IP or blocked players).
  15. I am located on the East coast (USA) & this server is the only one I keep connecting to/making matches through. The ping seems to flux between 20-35ms but the connections in the game are horrible. And whenever the geo-filter map does not show any server, everyone in the lobby is clearly not speaking english (granted I know that every person located in the US might not speak english, but come on the entire lobby is a different language we can assume I'm being thrown in server lobbies not located in North America). Is there anyway for you guys to black list this server, I try to deny it on my end but it keeps having a circle around it regardless. ID: ccb9b580566b1d22 Domain Name: Checked this multiple times and it is an Ireland server that my game keeps routing me through to make games on MDW.
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