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  1. Is work still on going for this? As it stands the geo-filter is that hit or miss i have disabled this feature.
  2. Im not sure about others but this still seems to be an issue for me. My allow server list is getting longer and longer!
  3. Yes it is. today i tried joining another party and its was trying to connect to blocked servers. Seemed that after a while it did connect (i did add 2 more to the whitelist)
  4. The only one I've had to whitelist so far is 84224d18bf23d1d6
  5. OK so after some testing I'm still getting some issues. Some party chats work right off the bat and other it blocks. I have to whitelist the address and then it will kick in.
  6. This seems to be working OK for me at the moment, though i have only tried once. Will keep Geo-Filter on and let you know if there is any issues.
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