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  1. Ok, thanks that would be nice. But I can upgrade again and get you the relevant logs if that helps to troubleshoot further using the .56? What logs do you require? Would really like a solution and to understand what the cause of the disconnection is.
  2. Hi, Yes .56 was already out at that time, hence why I had issues and I was running .56. Then I searched for a solution and found the forum post where other users had similar problems which were told to use that firmware I pointed out (V2.3.2.40-C424a). So I followed the recommendation and it resolved my issues. I understand its a Netgear fix but if they provided a fix for an earlier version of the firmware with the dropout problems then surely they can provide one for the .56 release. I mean I'm stuck with an older firmware that has security vulnerability issues and performance issues with traffic management.
  3. Hi, I was on the .56 and was told to downgrade to the version I mentioned to address the dropouts which I did. I no longer get the dropouts when on the V2.3.2.40-C424a version. I did try to upgrade again last night and this morning no internet so I was forced to downgrade again. SO my question is what changes are in the V2.3.2.40-C424a that address the droputs?
  4. Hi Admins, I was directed to downgrade to a custom firmware which contained fixes to address internet connection dropouts. This firmware works perfectly and resolved my dropout issues. However I can see that the .56 contains security fixes and fixes to traffic optimization options etc. Therefore is there any way to get an updated version of the V2.3.2.40-C424a which contains the security fixes for the dropouts and all the updates that are in the .56? Also are we ever going to see the updated firmware that you guys keep speaking of? Kind Regards
  5. Any updates on 1.4 milestone? Is it ever going to happen?
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