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  1. So good news: The root issue was indeed the modem. I also found out it only had a 8 downstream and 4 upstream. The newer updated version of the same branded modem has 32 down and 8 up, so I haven't had an issue yet. However, to prevent any kind of hardware issues, I also went ahead and bought an XR300 and I'll be hooking that up later today. Thank you Fraser and Alex for trying to assist in this issue.
  2. Hey, so guys, I had a weird thought/realization. What if it isn't my router but my modem? It only has 8 channels and might be getting congested this crashing the internet for a bit. I bought a new modem and can test for sure on that Friday. If it keeps doing the same thing, I'll just get a new router too and eliminate any hardware problems.
  3. My internet speeds never dwindled, just disconnect the wifi at random intervals. I think you might have a different issue than what I did, bud, and one that is more than likely an issue that can be fixed if it is newer than my 5 year old equipment.
  4. Gotcha. I guess I try and get another newer one. Don't really need the Nighthawk, cause it's really overkill for what I'm doing. So I'll just get another R1 Router. Thanks for the help guys!
  5. The router is in my room and the TV is practically right beside it, I also have three devices hard wired in, which are connected to a monitor that are all underneath where the TV is. Only device I could say would be in between the router and tv would be the modem, but the router sits on top of it. Like I said earlier, I have the early adopters edition, so it could just be that it is old. How long is the router designed to last until degradation begins? If you guys don't know, I mean, here's a good base lined idea. Early adopters edition to about July-August of this year.
  6. So it still does occur randomly every hour or two, just the frequency of the double drops are less. Most the time if the wifi dropped once, it would occur a second time within roughly half an hour. The reason I notice the drops is because my smart TV will stop loading YouTube and say there is no internet connection. I've played games on my Xbox that are online while I listen to YouTube from the tv and it doesn't drop which is why I know it is just the wifi and not the entirety of my internet. There have been days where I'll use the internet and it nothing will occur. Maybe because I paused the video and went to do something at the perfect time. I usually only have 4 hours at home between two jobs and sleeping, so that's why my testing is slow and my honest sample size is small and actually only limited to the times around 8pm-12am. Which I should've stayed earlier in one of my posts. I've had it occur both with low usage and high usage. Oddly though, I feel like it drops more when there is low usage and less when more wifi enabled devices are going and being used at the same time.
  7. After a few days of testing after what you said, Fraser, the issue still persists, but it didn't happen from what I can tell as frequently. That could just be a placebo effect going on, but I did notice how it never occurred back to back within the same hour. It would still disconnect randomly, just a small frequency of it occurring, if this information is helpful at all.
  8. Yeah, I actually recently changed the name and made it so it doesn't broadcast anymore. So you'll need to know the name and the password rather than just seeing it and trying to connect through password cracking methods.
  9. Okay. So after downgrading back to pre dumaos, the issue still persists. Had it disconnect, then eventually reconnected for it to disconnect again about 15 minutes later. I'm starting to think this might be a hardware failure, like you stated earlier. The odd thing is that the issue never really cropped up prior to upgrading to dumaos the first time and the following few months.
  10. So small update time. After disabling the QoS, the internet still disconnected at random intervals over the course of the two days. So I downgraded back to standard R1 router firmware and I'm awaiting to see if anything will change.
  11. I've had the R1 router for well over a few years or so now, I believe. I don't really remember how long it's been. I got one of the early adopter editions. So yeah, quite a while. I disabled QoS and will attempt to see if it is still doing it when I get a chance to. If that does not work and the issue persists, I will re-enable the QoS and try downgrading the software to pre-dumaos. Edit: Clarification of time.
  12. So for awhile now I've been suffering from random drops in my Wifi connection. These usually occur a few hours separate from one another, but have had it occur twice in an hour before. This does nothing to my hard wired devices as they are able to work perfectly fine while the devices on wifi are working or down and not working. The wifi enabled devices still show they are connected to the router, but they can't go to any websites or watch videos. I thought this would clear up by following a bunch of things I saw online from changing frequency channels, rebooting with various settings changed, to messing with the workaround option thing with previously mentioned settings changes. It is a fairly decent annoyance that occurs regularly and I don't know what to do about it anymore. I haven't tried downgrading back to pre-dumaos to test if it works, then re-upgrading to see if it then fails because of the update. Any help would be appreciated.
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