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  1. Hi, Could somebody help me. I´m trying to get an open nat on my PC in Warzone. Upnp is enable and its assigned to my pc ip address. It is also set in the device manager to console, but its still moderate. The my ps4 has an open nat. I´ve tried port forwarding but didn´t help, maybe I did it wrong. Could somebody help me what should I do or what ports are you exactly need to open. I would like to get to the bottom of this. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I´m afraid that theres not much you can do if you live far from the servers. I live +900 miles away from my closest server and never managed to improve the delays even if I have low ping. If I could live in Alaska, I would forget about cod for sure :)
  3. Could you please let me know your QoS settings? 45 miles is really close
  4. Hi, This will be my last post regarding this issue, I don´t want to spam the forum with this. Please read the full post and watch the video if you are about to comment. Is there a way other than moving closer to a server to get this connection? Is there a point getting 1gbps fiber net or not if you live more than 800 miles from your nearest server? This video sums up my whole cod gaming experience. Currently these are my options: A, bad delay, but manage to outsmart my enemies based only on skill. At this point my only advantage is my skill. This way I can get 34-12 matches or similar, only because I´m better at the game than my enemies, but my deaths comes from when face-to-face gunfight happens. B, bad delay, my enemies are actually good (or even better than me) and when this combination happens I have 0 chance. Again, I have no issues with SBMM if the connection is good and I die only because the other player is better. Please don´t post saying like I´m blaming the connection because I get matched with better players. Ideally this would happen: A, no delay, you melt everyone because you are against noobs B, no delay, you have a mediocre match or may get f*cked because the SBMM is working and you are matched against better players C, no delay, you get matched against similar players like yourself, still you get nice killstreaks, because you outsmart them Streamers, youtubers will post of course mainly games with the „A“ option and if they get killed its not because of the delay. I wouldn´t mix this delay issue with SBMM, but when there is no delay I´m getting 36-10 or or better. When I get into lobbies like this, I´m quite sure the others are not that bad, but I have around 1 second advantage of others and when its paired with my skills its unfair to them. It doesn´t matter if I get shot from behind or they sweat like crazy. When this happens I´m not sure, why I have an advantage of others if I´m further to the server than the others. According to my theory this shouldn´t happen if this delay is only based on distance. Before I´ve bought my xr500 I was not sure that I was always playing on the nearest server, so I thought that buying this router will solve or at least improve the gameplay for me connection wise. I was hesitating for more than a year to buy it, because I knew that it would be too good to be true. I would lie if I would say that I wasn´t surprised when I get 20 latency and still have bad delays, but at least now I´m not being put to a server even further. Could you please also share your experience, I´m mainly insterested in those who are close to their nearest server and have a decent internet. I would like to know if there is anything else I could do from my side or I should accept that these delays will be always here because I live 1000km away from my nearest server(even with 20 latency). I´m about to give up on COD if there is nothing else I can do from my side. I don´t want to throw out more money to get 1gbps internet if it is useless. Currently I have 100Mbps download/10Mbps upload. My closes server is in Frankfurt, with 20 ping. I´m from Slovakia. Thanks.
  5. How far are you to your nearest server? Earlier I was thinking that all that matters is how close you are to the server, but if you are from the UK then you shouldn´t be too far to the server in London. I don´t know either how they get such a good connection. I really don´t care about SBMM as far as I get a fair chance winning a gunfight only based on skill and not on connection. Comparing my gameplay to them its just seem so much smoother and slower, having the time to react to anything. All I want is to get a solid connection, but thats not gonna happen it seems. What is your net speed?
  6. I´m 900 miles from my closest server and my ping is 20, but still I have delays and bad hit reg.
  7. Simply put the disadvantage is unfair. Doesn´t matter how fast you react, there is 0 chance you can react to anything in time.
  8. Of course not, because they don´t know what we are talking about. For those people the only factor is skill so they automatically assume that we are just only whining because we are bad players. if you know that your are a good player and losing to some idiot just because of the connection or something else is very frustrating. If I would suck at every other fps game I wouldn´t say shit, but this happening in cod only for me at least.
  9. I´ve been playing shooter games since Quake 3, back then with those shitty internet speeds I never had any problem like this. If you were a good player you noobs didn´t have a chance until they get better. As you wrote, this is only for cod. I never had any problems like these with Battlefield, Apex was good as well, although there I could also notice if there were issues with connection or not. Apex also have SBMM if I´m correct, but its more subtle than in cod. I´ve been asking streamers as well about this, but I´ve never got any response either. I´ve asked smaller streamers where the connection seemed really nice, but never got any replies. I´m baffled that with millions of subscribers they don´t get questions like these and they don´t see stuff like these. Sometimes I´m thinking that its only my connection, but I´m not sure. One day, I´ve been playing Cold War for half a day, then quit after being too frustrated of the delays. The next day on the first match I was 24-0 and I clearly had an advantage over the others. It was just too unfair. People were shooting my back then I turned and melted them with 3 bullets. Its not that they were really bad players, but I haven´t lost a single gunfight even when they shot first from close range. I understand the concept of SBMM, but this solution to delay others so you have more time to react is bullshit. I don´t have any problems getting killed by more skilled players, but loosing every face to face gunfight regardless of close or long range is not normal. I really wanted to enjoy cod games, but things like these are very frustrating. I thought that connecting to only servers would solve my problems, but thats not the case. To my closest server I have 20 ping. If I get fair deaths in a match I don´t care, but clearly loosing gunfights because of delays is infuriating. COD multiplayer connection is getting worse and worse for me. Of course this way holding the hands for the noobs will get them more money. I understand that these youtubers will only upload good matches , but I don´t know if they have a smooth gameplay all the time or only when abusing the SBMM. Thats all I wanted to know nothing more. Also, maybe I just shouldn´t compare my experience to those in the US, as there are a lot more players, more servers and better internet providers. I don´t want to prove to anyone how good I am or to argue wheter its my skill or not is the reason, because I can clearly see even from one gunfight how good the match will be, like you. I´m not sure if the majority of the cod gamers can notice these or even care, which is sad and thats why they can get away with this.
  10. How far are you from your nearest server?
  11. I know he is a good player, just like Korean and the others, but I can clearly see the difference in the gameplay, I´m not an idiot. I think the reason could be the distance to the servers. I´ve been playing from eastern europe and the closest server to me is in Germany around 900 miles away. Loosing every gunfight to delays is not normal. If you haven´t experienced issues like this the only reason you can think of is the skill. I´ve been playing quake 3 competitively and I´ve been good at it and back then the internet speeds were nowhere. Also, generally I think the internet quality in the US is better and there are a lot of players close to each other compared to where I live so the general experience is much better.
  12. Exactly. I may have forgot to say that I´m playing in Europe, (eastern europe, which is the worst) and there are not enough servers here.
  13. I understand, but I´ve been playing cod since +10 years and I´m pretty good at it when its working at least as half as good as for this guy above. I can easily recognize when everything is working fine or not. It is not normal to loose every gunfight because I´m behind 1 second all the time. WW2 was better, MW was worse, but this is really bad. I suspect that this is because the closest server to me is cca 900 miles away even if I have 30-40 ping in game. This is happening with cod only and its really annoying when you know that you are good at the game.
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