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    FourFingersOfFun reacted to Bert in Lag comp has totally cripple my game as a decent player   
    Actually it's total BS.
    You cannot magically increase server tickrate from 60Hz to 120Hz. So whatever you are seeing in DumaOS is a measuring error. Battlenonsense has tested with wireshark, not DumaOS.
    Cables. Maximum bandwidth quoted for a cat 8 cable is 2000 Mhz. That is what the cable can sustain at peak performance. But if you hook it up to a 1GBps port the port will always be limited to 125 Mhz. So you can have a cable that is able to sustain 2000 MHz but it won't do anything for you as long as it's a 1GBps port, since maximum transmission frequency is only 125 MHz. The cable is a dumb piece of copper that can't decide data frequency on it's own.
    For higher transferspeeds, not only do the networking ports increase their operating frequency, but also they use a completely different transfer protocol. (1GBps = 125 MHz, 10Gbps = 800 MHz, so if you punch that in a calculator, (800 / 125)*1000 =  6,4Gbps, so something doesn't add up there. 10 GBPs uses more bits per amplitude than 1Gbps, but this is not applied until you stick the cable in a 10Gbps port.
    In short, using Cat.8 cables in a 1 Gbps system will do absolutely nothing for you.
    Or to use some analogy. My car has a top speed of 250 km/u. I can drive on a 4 lane highway with 250 km/u. But if there is no other car on the road it won't get me there faster than a 2 lane highway.  
    In theory you can see reduced latency by scaling up the network. Ie on a 10Mbps system, sending a ethernet frame (max 1522 bytes) takes about 0.1ms, on 1Gbps system it takes 0.001ms. I'm sure you realize how insignificant these numbers are.
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    FourFingersOfFun reacted to basKETcaSe in Lag comp has totally cripple my game as a decent player   
    Any cable higher than CAT5e on a gigabit port will only give you better shielding not a higher frequency, you are limited by the ports frequency. A HDMI 2.1 cable will do nothing on a 1.4 or a 2.0 port ,again the ports limitations. Both cables are backwards compatible.
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    FourFingersOfFun reacted to purpleandgold33 in Lag comp has totally cripple my game as a decent player   
    Dude first off I don't hide behind anything. I'm a grown man 43 to be exact. I can give you my address if you honestly think I'm some sort of fkn school age pussy AH AH AH (get out of here with that bs) Second of all I'm not some naive fool thats going to spend $50 for cat 8 when it's literally not going to improve my gaming one bit and I'm not going to spend whatever the f you spent on your super 2.1 hdmi fkn cable. I don't make assumptions I just call them as I see them! I can't even believe I wasted 5 mins of my time to reply to your nonsense.
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