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  1. Thank you ! It’s all because of the thread you started ! If I’m not mistaken you’re the one who is helping a lot of us ! Thank you.
  2. Same I can’t find a good ground for bop4 since the last huge update .
  3. East coast as well on Xbox if anyone wants to play I’m down . My friends stopped playing looking for new friends who are chill yet decent . I hate the person who screams every time they die .
  4. First post long time lurker . First of all tp made a huge difference . Also the abb turned off did as well . Thank you , I’m finding most matches are pretty flawless now compared to before I did the above mentioned steps . All off feeling on this statement ! I feel as though we’re missing one thing to make the game run flawless , wel compared to what it was . No longer am I getting the orange symbols at the very least maybe once in a blue . IMG_0651.MP4
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