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  1. Hi I currently have the r2 wifi disabled. I use 2 TP-link Deco M4's as the wifi units (Access Points) with wired ethernet backhaul. I suspect I can get better performing wifi from newer mesh systems with wired backhaul. Has anyone got any recommendations/experiences? Thanks
  2. The R-apps and dashboard hardly ever work for me. Very annoying. There are various posts about "workarounds" and clearing cache etc....but it should just work. I love the router but by god is it a pain when you want to change some settings and you can't because the R-apps or the interface won't load properly. You just sit there watching the circle spin hoping it will load the screen but hardly ever does
  3. Mine is paired with 5 TP-link Deco's (wireless mesh system) and no issues... but they are not wifi 6. I disabled the R2 wifi.
  4. I jumped from the XR500 to the R2 and have been very happy ever since.
  5. Hi Thanks for the quick feedback. I initially asked the question as I get wildy different automatic download speeds each time I perform an auto setup. With no network traffic it recommends 49% for download, then test 5 mins later and it recommends 76% and the third test was 99%. The recommended upload is almost static at about 30%. I'll leave the settings that I had on my XR500 for the moment. Thanks
  6. Hi Apologies if this has been covered before but when I use "auto set-up" in Congestion Control should I be saturating the network when the tests are run? Or should I disconnect all other devices for more accurate results? I select "prioritise ping" option. My set up is Fibre to the premises 150mb down and 30mb up. On my XR500 I used to stick at 70% on upload/download and was happy with that. Just curious about the auto-set up and if it gives better "results"
  7. I have the XR500 and getting a bit frustrated with slow updates etc. Whilst the R2 has lower specs (processors etc) will it hold up to the speed of the XR500? (I'm not fussed about wifi performance). Do the faster processor speeds and more RAM on the XR500 make any difference? Edit: I've ordered the R2 anyway and will sell my XR500.
  8. Hi I love the router but I've been having very low speeds and high pings in the last few days. I usually get 65mb down and 20-30 ms ping. I'm now consistently getting 10mb down and 60ms pings. BT Openreach are sending an engineer out to check the line. I've never paid any attention to the Logs, but because of the slow speeds I was digging around and saw lots of DOS attacks throughout the day [DoS Attack: SYN/ACK Scan] Is this normal and nothing to do with my low internet speeds? I suspect it's normal and the router firewall is doing its job but I would like some reassurance? Thanks
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