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  1. Just without internet,they stay connected,signal full,but no internet access
  2. For the last month or so,i am dealing every day with connection drops on the xr500... i first thought its my ISP...they came to my house,and checked everything the first time,the second time they gave me a new modem,because we thought thats the problem...they said everything is perfectly fine from their side. so i used google and found out that others are experiencing similliar issues as i am with this router. So i tried the “hotfix” but it didnt work,its the same problem again,it work om for a couple hours,then it drops out,for a couple minuts,or till i restart the router and then its fine for a short time.
  3. Hello i have the netgear xr500 ,i am on firmware i am getting connection drops...i want to know,if it is safe to do this “hotfix” ,because it is an earlier firmware...and what else could i do
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