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  1. Thanks Fraser! Honestly I Googled around for a solution back when the first problem happened and read this same suggestion and thought "Ohh eff that". I understand how assigning statics could fix this. However I have zero interest in maintaining a DCHP pool in my own home. A $400+ router should be able to automatically take care of this. I had a R800 before this with no issues. Im sorry if the tone come across wrong, I just don't get it. I feel like a fool for buying this, and I totally understand this is not your problem but I don't think calling a support line is any better. I guess I can just use the unit as a coaster.
  2. Hi All, Some background. I have a Arris surfboard in front of a XR700 then a Netgear prosafe gig switch that runs out to our "smart house", about 20 hue bulbs and 10 or so smart switches and three webcams(one Nest, two Wyze). I am skipping the hardline internet but there is a decent amount of game consoles/Tv's/utility devices on that. Currently we are running on the .20 firmware but a few months ago I updated to whatever was current then and most of our wireless devices lost connection a few hours later, I was not home but everything just went "offline". I checked the logs and I saw a bunch of lease renewals which I thought was odd. So I wiped the unit and went back to .20. Today I tried to upgrade again because I personally feel better being able to run whatever the current public release is. The exact moment the router came back up my MacBook Air(current gen) was in an endless loop of no wifi/wifi. MacOS was saying I had a invalid IP or self assigned IP, a renewal did no good. When I connected via a hardline and turned off WiFi I got that attached error, which looks like the same issue I saw last time. So I then tried to reload my config which did me no good. So I went back to .20 and then reloaded and I am semi back up and running. Some of my smart switches won't reconnect nor will any of the Wzye cams but I have not fully wiped them yet since that is a fairly large PITA. When I get home I was going to reset the unit with the button on the back and reload my settings. Anyone have any idea how I can get this to work like its supposed to? Kinda sucks that I can't run the new firmware.
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