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  1. Thanks for the response. The console suggests NAT Type 2 which I've read suggests Open NAT, but in game I get either moderate or strict and although you say it might be mis-reading, it is affecting my ability to join lobbies with friends. I've tried turning off the Geo-Filter before booting the console and game and that hasn't helped.
  2. Tried with QoS enabled and disabled, no luck. Any other suggestions? Also, why does DumaOS on the R1 not support DMZ?
  3. I've been looking around for the option for ages as I can't get Open NAT on Call of Duty games on PS4 when connected to the netduma. Neither UPNP nor port forwarding seem to work, even though the netduma is in the DMZ of my ISP router. I then stumbled upon this: I haven't used my R1 in a while and recently updated to the DumaOS but I could swear I got open NAT in the past by putting the console in the DMZ of the R1 on the older firmware. I've also tried manually opening all ports (1-65535 TCP+UDP) with no luck. I do get Open NAT when the PS4 is in the DMZ of my ISP provided router. How can I get it to be open via the Netduma? Extra info: Not using bridge/modem mode on router as the R1 will limit my gigabit connection to 200mbps (Netduma in DMZ of ISP Router, tested that DMZ works correctly) R1 has a static IP assigned (for the WAN IP I chose R1 "Router IP Address" I kept the default with "DHCP Range" Subnet mask is the same everywhere Gateway set to ISP router's IP ( PS4 is wired, has static IP set on console and R1 to, no proxy, auto MTU Tried UPNP set to ON with no manual port forwards, tried UPNP set to OFF with manual port forwards, tried both set to ON, tried manually port forwarding the whole range of ports (1-65535) R1 Firmware R1
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