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  1. Checking in to see where we're at? I'm now at the point that I can't continue to function in a partially broken state and either need a fix on the firmware side or will need to resort to purchasing something else. The promised VLAN support is the ONLY reason I purchased this router and I'm frustrated to say the least.
  2. Any update by chance? Still have numerous items which don't work and really want to avoid purchasing a new router because of this -- especially at upwards of $300. Thanks!
  3. Just touching base to see if you were able to find anything else out...?
  4. Case number is: 41993256 Calling in was an absolute nightmare so anything you can do to help -- thank you in advance!
  5. @Netduma Alex Appreciate the response. Interestingly enough, this issue also affects my Philips Hue bridge and the ability for the mobile app to connect and control the lights. I've read the handful of other posts on the topic and I'm 100% certain that the common underlying issue is anyone making use of the VLAN 201 tagging with Century Link. Perhaps we can refocus efforts on that specific set up? I'm hesitant to open a case since I witnessed someone else go through that exercise in another thread to no avail and knowing that VLAN 201 tagging is the culprit, we need a developer to take a look!
  6. Still routine issues with this router. Any word on an update...?
  7. Thanks for the update. I actually purchased the XR500 to remove a CenturyLink router in concert with a TP-LINK, so that I could have one router own it all. The testing you referred to back in late July, is that still underway? Assuming that's not the version I am on...?
  8. Facing a similar issue with where I am unable to access port 5000 on my Synology Diskstation. I'm on CenturyLink with VLAN tagging enabled and this is an absolute pain as I'm also unable to back up my MacBook via Time Machine as it never connects. What are next steps...?
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