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  1. I think I've solved the issue, under the WAN settings I changed the MTU value from 1492 to 1430. Webpages seem to be loading a lot quicker
  2. Thats fine, I will do this when once I get back from work
  3. Hi, I removed and reattached the ariels, turned off smart connect and tried a guest network, still no improvements. I disabled MU-MIMO, and that hasn't worked either. Sorry for being a pain!
  4. afraid to say its still not fixed the issue
  5. Its effecting every website and every app
  6. Netduma Fraser asked me to switch of QoS, which I did. The settings I did have were, 100% download (75mbps) and upload (17mbps), with no changes made to the bandwidth allocation
  7. Could it be a hardware issue, as the router I used previously had no issues with loading the web pages
  8. Given it a go, but still having the same issue.
  9. I have changed my WiFi channels, but this hasnt effected the load speeds
  10. Unfortunately it seems to be fine in my area
  11. Doesn't appear to be the ethernet cable, tried it with 2 different cables. I'll try this
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