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  1. Still no news. I guess it has only been 4 more months. Still on my r7800 due to the .56 making my xr500 unstable. Was hoping for something would really like to get back on my newer router. Way out of warranty on it now so support is useless. Amazingly the r7800 has had 2 firmware updates since .56 released for the xr500. So is it really Netgear?
  2. Not much of an announcement. One feature that nobody cares about and no fixes for existing issues. no timeline for updates. more empty promises about the new OS fixing all the issues. Going this long without any communication real class act Netduma then when you do you don't even address any of the issues. I guess it is time for a new router I wanted to like the xr500 the only reason I went with netgear again was duma os hoping it would be better but seams it was actually worse.
  3. So let me see if I have this straight. I was running the .40 firmware just fine for the many many months we were on that release. Stupidly I had the router set to auto update the firmware and woke up to my internet being down. I work from home. rebooted the router and internet restored for a few hours then down again. rebooted and it worked until I was off work and could deal with the faulty firmware. Factory reset the router, reverted back to .40 then factory reset and re-upgraded to .56 factory reset again and reconfigured the router and all was fine. Came to website to see if there were anyone else with these issues and see a post from netduma employee that there is a blog post coming to explain the road map forward "next week" Meanwhile my xr500 is still not stable and has to be rebooted every few days, "Next Week" arrives no blog post coming soon the coming next week again. xr500 still having issues finally wife says do something other than reboot so I revert back to .40 because it was stable for so long I mean 9 months since the last update right? factory reset but no time to reconfigure again. Put my old R7800 back into service for now. Next week arrives blog is still coming we are told then out of blue same employee says he is a noob and should not have posted and now blog post is coming but "hit some snags" Does this company have no integrity? Can you not update your customers in a timely manner? We already know you are incapable of providing updated or even bug fixed firmware in a timely manner. I am so super disappointed with this router and Netduma in general.
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