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  1. allegedly the only two functional SIP ALG algorithms are from Cisco and Juniper. Is there a less broken SIP ALG available to the xr500 ? https://www.voicehost.co.uk/help/sip-alg-and-why-it-should-be-disabled-your-router Not all of my devices support SIP TLS
  2. you might be expecting a bit too much of this device. maybe it's time to try your hand at pfSense?
  3. Have you tried setting a DHCP address reservation [by MAC address]? xr500 has the default pool of addresses the entire class C range. That's silly. Trim that down and set the reservation outside that pool. default is through you will be changing 254 to 230 reserve an address for hue between 231 and 250. Explain. Why would it?
  4. HUE does not employ SIP. How is SIP ALG a factor here?
  5. To use LAN resources away from home I have setup the VPN service which sets the xr500 as the vpn server. My mobile is a client using openvpn software. I am able to connect away from home. my devices are set on the subnet What server or client app settings need I change to access which is the default xr500 subnet. As is when as a friends house from my openvpn connected android loads his router credential prompt. I have it set for LAN and internet access. I can access the internet connected. I have tried setting a static route but perhaps I have done that incorrectly. --- extra search terms: vpn subnet, xr500 vpn, xr500 vpn service, router as vpn server, openvpn configuration
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