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  1. Hey i did not have it on filter mode so it works now for california servers but unfortunetly, its the same delay ...what i dont get is that it says 75 ms ping in the 3-4 games i played in the cali servers , but the washington it says 40-44 ms but feels exactly the same as 75 ms. Wish it was actually 40. Dont know what to do, been having delay every single day in fifa 20 for my ps4 for 2 months now and its driviing me crazy im gonna check that forum you sent me people that have fifa 20 and are net duma owners
  2. Hey I just tried exactly what you saidi turned my console off put the location around the california server , strict mode is on, and it is still connecting me to the washington server which is actually OUTSIDE the radius I have around the cali server....what do I do? how can I manually connect to that server in california?
  3. How do I manually connect to a server i want ? I live in canada ontario and i keep conneting to the washingston server but its always bad, i want to try the server in california so how can i manually conect to it.
  4. I have been having delay since fifa 20 started, crazy crazy delay, tried almost eveyrhtig on the router and still cant seem to get out of this delay thats driving me crazy. I check my geo filter during every game and it says 44 MS ping everytime, I WISH. Its not even close to 44 or else i wouldnt even complain. Dont know what else to do. One thing I want to try is connecting to another EA server, I live in canada ontario and the closest one to me is somewhere near washington. I know there is one in california so I want to connect ot that. How can I connect to it? I was trying but have no idea how to connect to that specific server it never shows up when im connecting to a opponent the only time I see that server is when I load fifa as a whole and it shows every ea server on the world map in the geo filter section for ike 5 sceonds before i fully log in. Appreciate the help
  5. Hey so your saying it doesnt matter what your home location is? I just bought the router and setting it up in a few days i dont want to have these problemas as I had ping problems before on my old router? So I live In Canada, Ontario, I believe the closest server to me is california, what is the best option for me to do? If I made my radius only 500-1000km in Ontario is that a problem or do I do exactly what you said in that post? does this mean home location doesnt matter that much?
  6. Hey how do you know which server you are connected to? I live in Canada/ Ontario and I just got the router still havent set it up yet but I dont want this problem happening to me. How do I know which server I am connected to? Also, I want my Geo to be maximum 500km radius for me or maybe max 1000km as I have had ping problems before and hoping this helps. Now Lets say one of the fifa servers are outside my radius is that a problem? or is that fine? If it is a problem what do I do? thanks
  7. Isn't nat typ 1 better? For sure for Fifa its better, hey NETMUDA FRASER I sent you a msg regarding that. If you can reply that would be great. I am getting my router in a few days and hoping my ping and delay gets fixed. Fifa is on dedicated servers and I live in Ontario , Canada. Hopefully you can help me out
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