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  1. stef


    no might b game but not too sure
  2. stef


    happens to me on fortnite with mics ...strange because any other games work on chat...
  3. quick question when I block a server deny it ...it always puts me back in though ive pressed to deny it....fortnite servers r garbage they never hardly put me in London servers
  4. just wondering if that's meant to b me if it is im not locates there im in England
  5. ive sorted it now buddy thx ...one last thing what does that sign mean of a person on your geofilter thx
  6. could do with a 1 on 1 teamview because I carnt get this to work
  7. I have tried both but still nothing
  8. on my pc do I have to connect to my hub or my xr500 ...im confused
  9. also when I go onto my xbox one x to check NAT it says I have a double nat ...
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