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  1. Severs seem really good, was consistently getting sub 20ms almost every match, very few over 35ms.
  2. Did a factory reset and it’s working now. But in modern warfare pc with pc set as console not seeing anyone populating on map. And some matches I get ping desolated on geo-filter and other I don’t.
  3. I checked Ipconfig and it matches up address of device showing offline. And I’m using firmware .56
  4. Xr500 geo-filter not working For pc and under device manager says offline and IP reserved. Not sure what else to check
  5. I’ve been noticing while gaming that lan network reboots and I lose connection. I did have the lan disconnect issue with previous firmware. Running current firmware
  6. I doubt it I’ve checked it with no devices active. I have a 500mbps down 30 up cable connection and use a sb8200 modem
  7. Now I have been getting jitter in Speedtest.net and on pingplotter I get fluctuations of around 15ms most of the time.
  8. I was at 70% anti buffet bloat. I have yet to get PingPlotter to work very well on my phone, but iPhone X couple feet away from router on Speedtest.net app I would see on the main servers from me almost no jitter. I lowered anti buffer bloat and things stayed the same. I will try and move my desktop to get wired connection.
  9. Wondering what settings would control jitter in Speedtest. I have been noticing some pretty high jitter sometimes as high as 20ms when I usually had very little around 1.5ms
  10. But spectating mode didn’t help connecting time, nor did opening up radius and adjusting ping assist. So that’s why I decided to try DMZ and the other settings. Today Definitely noticed the servers were really really good for the matches I played and very stable couple showed normal 7-15 on geo-filter and in game sat steady around 20-24 with very little fluctuations. And hit detection was really good. I normally get nothing more than 35 ping servers with last firmware and the once in a while bad one.
  11. No I wasn’t having the problems before. But I DMZ Xbox switched nat from secure to open for ipv4 &v6 and flushed cloud like I normally do every day and I’m getting west coast servers now. Weird because I was seeing a lot of stuff show up in UPNP now compared to before. but it still is taking a decent amount of time to find matches. Sometimes instant sometimes couple mins. I use ping assist set at 25ms min radius. I was trying spectating mode and was having trouble since update till today with those changes. I have a server within 100 miles of my location so never really had a problem.
  12. I did firmware update couple days ago and then did a factory reset. Set everything back to how it was, ping assist 25ms flush cloud, upnp adjusted, qos setup, open nat, everything seemed fine playing MP getting 10ms servers almost instantly. But in blackout can’t get a match for 5-10mins or longer and when I do get one it’s easy coast. I live in southern Cali and connecting to servers east coast with 60-90ms ping. Need help.
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