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  1. My NAT is open. I'll try the QoS disabled when I play with him next. If I host the party he will continually disconnect and reconnect. If I'm in any party besides mine, then I disconnect and reconnect, or I'll realize that I'm missing 90% of the convo and if I switch to game chat and back to party chat, then I'll be able to hear temporarily.
  2. I currently am having issues with party chat. I have upnp disabled and my ports manually forwarded. I have tried geo filter in spectating and filter modes and have issues either way. Normally I can hear everyone, but one specific friend. He also can't hear me. He doesn't have issues unless I'm in the party, which makes me believe the issue is on my end. I've gone through the typical Xbox troubleshooting tips and still have the same issues I had my internet provider reprovision my modem (Arris Surfboard which I own) and still have issues. Prior to the XR500 I never had issues. Hopefully someone can help as I like the features of the xr500 and don't necessarily want to buy a different router. Edit: Running the most current firmware.
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