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    Hello Community.
    This topic is mainly for Sky Fibre users who want to eliminate two routers, and double NAT.
    Sky is a UK ISP who provide fibre but also supply a crappy self OEM router which lacks anything good and their stupid DHCP Option 61 (MER) authentication system which pretty much means you can't use your own equipment on their network, so you have to use the XR500 behind DMZ blah blah and causing a double NAT issue when playing games and makes the XR500 less effective.
    I've made a quick PDF guide to setup the XR500 on it's own and best to my knowledge is just a rough guide on what I did to get it working without a Sky router modem combo.
    I ran the PDF through Virus Total for the benefit of the community, results are here:
    VirusTotal Results
    Admins, If this isn't allowed please delete.
    Sky And XR500 and YOU!.pdf
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