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  1. Would I have to fully configure a NetDuma router as my new router or can I keep the SkyQ as is with the wifi connections and just have my pc hardwired to the NetDuma?
  2. So I did a bufferbloat test after turning off all sky boxes and wifi devices, the only thing connected to the internet was my PC, with no internet activity running on that either. The first test I had no bloat on download or upload at all, then I just did another straight after and got a burst of 200-300 on download and a constant bursts of 150+ on upload. There is absolutely no internet activity on my network so where is this coming from? 😕 Also I noticed it isn't pinging to London anymore for some reason, closest it pings to is Ireland. As for ping plotter I did a quick plot with no activity but everything still on, then again with everything off. It was pretty much the same apart from my average ping went up by about 2-3 when I turned all devices off, which makes no sense to me either. Here is the graph, to the left is all devices off with no internet activity, the right is just 1 1080p youtube video running and 1 1080p twitch stream running.
  3. Hey, No I just have the SkyQ router, I connect to it with powerline adapters. Ah I didn't realise the R1 has wifi as well. Thanks, I'll do the test and report back.
  4. Hi, I got a gaming PC about 18 months ago and I have consistently felt this slow down/latency when playing online. It would feel really crisp and then suddenly feel like I'm dragging the mouse, which obviously makes fps games terrible to play. Also previously I was sure it was happening on Xbox as well, I was playing on a BenQ gaming monitor with a plugged in controller and it felt like I couldnt fine aim at all. I have been basically a lifelong console gamer and previously never had these issues. So after returning the PC a few times thinking its a hardware issue, nothing is wrong with it. Speed tests always came back with a solid 20ms ping 37DL/7UL, I discovered bufferbloat was a thing and came across DSL Speed Report. I always get an A or B bufferbloat score but the latency under load goes sky high. Sometimes the download will stay low but other times it will go into 100s and back down. The upload is also the same but more often constantly pings up into the 100s throughout the test.. But it will still give me an A?! I also tried a constant ping to google and did the test, on the download phase it would jump from the standard 22ms up to 50ish every few pings, but the upload phase it stays at a constant 100-150+. We used to have BT Infinity and switched to Sky Q. We do have 2 extra Q boxes and about 5 devices connected, but the bufferbloat test is just random, I can turn off all the sky boxes and devices and it doesn't make it clear up completely if at all. I don't need a wifi router because I connect through ethernet and I have seen you can still buy the R1 switch via the website, would this be the solution to my problem? Also I have noticed the Netgear S8000 is half price on Amazon but this doesn't contain the Netduma OS, but is this basically the same thing? Sorry for the long winded post, any input would be good! :)
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