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  1. Nah just sits on connecting, and then red “unable to connect”
  2. I’m connecting via wifi. I do also have the out of home control on, but doesn’t seem to make a difference. Devices show as unresponsive when I’m out of home
  3. Using the hue app. I can control the accessories though the amazon Alexa app without any issues too. The Apple home app doesn’t allow me to add the Philip’s accessories individually, just the bridge which is then setup with the accessories through the hue app
  4. I'm having this exact same issue with the xr500 and philips hue bridge. Over LAN, the bridge works fine. I can connect to the bridge etc, but with my iPhone, it will find the bridge but then not allow it to actually connect. Interestingly, if I use siri commands on my phone it will sometimes allow me to turn lights on and off etc. This is a really frustrating issue that appears to be affecting more than just me, I'd love to be able to provide any further information or testing to help. (I tried disabling QoS completely and had the same issue)
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