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  1. Ok. Thank you. Is there a length of time I should leave it running? I am using a different router for the time being.
  2. I hope they do. Its been a minute but I hope they come back and work some magic.
  3. I got it back when I was actually gaming a lot. I checked my emails but I regularly clean it out so nothing email wise that goes far back.
  4. The left is with a regular router, the right of the red line is with the r1. Without QoS I expect 95 or more , but with netduma I usually get 40 or less.
  5. The physical setup is Modem (cm600, cable modem only) - netduma r1 - wired devices . The modem is NOT a modem/router combo, it is just a cable modem. No pppoe, dmz, etc.
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