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  1. Update on packet loss issues mentioned above: with tech appt. scheduled, ISP line crew manager called me (to my surprise) to let me know they were working on a local, physical issue affecting a number of customers (node maybe?), thus my appt. would be unnecessary, and that he would call me to let me know when they're done. Sorry to clutter up thread with what turned out to be some very off topic posts.
  2. Still holding out hope it gets fixed (assuming it's not unfixable like Intel Puma 6 chipsets) before it's obsolete maybe?
  3. @Zippy This arrogant disregard of people's time is pandemic among the larger tech companies. I didn't spend a bunch of money on a router only to have to spend 40+ hours of time screwing around with it trying to get it to work; but the bottom line is king, and actually testing products before releasing them on the public affects the bottom line. I wish reviewers focused more on performance and reliability rather than features, but then that might affect their bottom lines.
  4. ^ After rolling back to V2.3.2.40 ping -n 10000 (Been running it for an hour.) Result: first hour or so yielded not packet loss; now I'm starting to get it again though (big wave, as I would get with Intel Puma 6 chipset-based modems), bunch of jitter too.
  5. Just tested for packet loss again as follows (results are similar no matter the QOS settings) from a command prompt using: ping -n 10000 (10000 so it runs forever, and packet loss stands out like a sore thumb with "Request timed out" line-items.) And let it run in a portrait-length sidebar on 2nd monitor while I worked. Scenario 1: PC (Ethernet) <-> XR500 <-> CM600 <-> WAN Result: lots of intermittent packet loss Scenario 2: PC (Ethernet) <-> CM600 (rebooted) <-> WAN Result: zero packet loss Returned to Scenario 1 (after rebooting CM600 with XR500 connected to it): Result: lots of intermittent packet loss Firmware is V2.3.2.40-C424a (unofficial hotfix for connectivity issues) Conclusion: XR500 is causing packet loss, at least with this particular firmware. Will try to go back to the latest official firmware and compare results. (Edit: the packet loss seems to show up in waves that subside only to return; they've yet to show up while using only the CM600 though.)
  6. Same, hence the moniker. The reviews were full of (well-deserved by most accounts) praise for NetDuma. What landed me here are connectivity, especially packet loss, issues that disappear when switching PC WAN connection from Netgear XR500 router (Ethernet) to Netgear CM600 modem (Ethernet), so it's nothing downstream or upstream far as I can tell. PC <-> XR500 <-> CM600 <-> Cloud is giving me all kinds of connection headaches on default settings with the very latest firmware (the very-latest, dropping-out-fix one, because my wife was getting random drop-outs) installed. Using default settings with plenty of bandwidth and hardly any other device traffic, I'm getting anywhere from 0-30% packet loss. The amount at any given moment is unpredictable. For the most part it's 0%, but there are these rashes of several minutes to an hour or more where ping -n 30 from a command prompt yields 5-30% packet loss. I thought it may be an upstream issue, but switching to the CM600 where there are no issues proves it's not. Now, there is this rumor from today of an imminent firmware release: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/XR500-New-Firmware-V2-3-2-56/m-p/1783316#M12438 Worth holding out hope?
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