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  1. Ah OK thanks, that's what I've found from more searching. I think it's because the R1 is doing PPoE so that puts the modem on the WAN side - and it can't be accessed easily over WAN.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I can access the setup page when my PC is directly connected to the Draytek - the address is indeed However when going through the R1 I can't access it. Any settings on the R1 that might affect this?
  3. Hi, I recently switched from a BT HH5 to a Draytek Vigor 130 modem. I have the internet working fine with PPoE through the R1. With the old HH setup, I could access the HH setup page through the R1 interface, I believe under "device manager". It gave a message about detecting a router and a link to go there, I think the old address was The Draytek should have a default address of, but I can neither access it through the R1 interface or directly in the address bar. Reading around it sounds like the PC needs to be on the same subnet as the Draytek to access it, but the R1 is giving out IPs in range 192.168.88.X. Anyone know how I can gain access to the modem setup page with a PC connected through the R1? Thanks, Greg
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