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  1. I really don’t understand how Bungies remote severs can force an override of local settings? I’d expect the default to be a failure to connect at all rather than Bungie deciding what is best for us.
  2. Holgates and I are real-life mates who have been trying to figure this out. Just to clarify, he now has an XR300 and a 500. So, Alex and Fraser, can you get the devs to think about what’s different in firmware(?) between the two that knocks out filtering on the 300?
  3. Yes I'm using the Destiny profile on the Geo-filter, with my location mid-Pacific. I've solo-loaded into a strike only once out of approx 20 attempts, including after hard resets and adding/deleting console etc.
  4. Which router and firmware version are you using? Geo-filtering doesn’t work at all on my xr300 with the latest firmware.
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