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  1. Has there any progress on getting destiny 2 on pc to work again with geo filtering?
  2. I changed the device type to play station and also removed and readded the the new device. Then I started up destiny on pc and still do not see anything on the geofilter map. It only worked after I rebooted the netduma that it started to work after making those changes. Thanks for the help
  3. I have previously been using my Xbox one for destiny and it’s been working perfectly . Recently I’ve started using a pc for destiny. I’vje added a new device for the pc. I put it in filtering mode and start up destiny 2 on the pc. When I look at the geofilter map I do not see anyone on the map other than myself. I do not even see the destiny servers. As a test I wanted to make sure I’m not matchmaking with anyone but I stil. Am. Is there something I’m missing?
  4. Will I only see people that are in my party or fireteam on the map or will other people show up too
  5. One more question. If I have geofilter on and want to add my friends to whitelist. How do I know who is who? Do they only show up on the map if they are in my party
  6. If I have two xboxes hooked up to the r1 and I have one player on Xbox a join Xbox b. Should I see Xbox a in my geofilter map. Currently I don’t see it.
  7. I thought I would lose QoS if I put the Orbi below the r1
  8. disregard my prior post about no connection. I am just being really careless and stupid. I can connect.
  9. so I added the wan ip of the r1 into the default dmz server of the orbi. it says I do not have internet connection. I do have wireless though
  10. correct r1. I found the ip on the device manager page. currently I have an orbi router set up. I am only going to use the r1 for my xbox. I want to keep the mesh network for everything else.
  11. sorry if what I am asking is a basic IT question. I just received my r1 and I am trying to hook it up to my orbi router. the r1 will be connected below my orbi. I need to know the wan ip. where would I get that? is that my ip address I can get when I use showmyipaddress website?
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