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  1. Geo filtering no longer works bc of the changes bungie implemented on their side. It’s been non functional on pc since Shadowkeep but with yesterday’s update for ddos protection it no longer works on Xbox
  2. I’m guessing since there was no fix for pc that there will be no fix for Xbox/consoles
  3. Bungie just rolled out the ddos protection to Xbox so that means geo filter will not work on Xbox as it has not worked on pc for the last year and 1/2. Is this actively being worked on or is it something that is on some sort of project backlog?
  4. It’s weird. If someone joins in y fireteam then I get matched up but when I’m by myself I go into a strike alone. But then again. I would imagine but will it work on pvp
  5. So does this mean geo-filter works on pc again?looks like I can go into a strike without anyone joining me
  6. Has there any progress on getting destiny 2 on pc to work again with geo filtering?
  7. I changed the device type to play station and also removed and readded the the new device. Then I started up destiny on pc and still do not see anything on the geofilter map. It only worked after I rebooted the netduma that it started to work after making those changes. Thanks for the help
  8. I have previously been using my Xbox one for destiny and it’s been working perfectly . Recently I’ve started using a pc for destiny. I’vje added a new device for the pc. I put it in filtering mode and start up destiny 2 on the pc. When I look at the geofilter map I do not see anyone on the map other than myself. I do not even see the destiny servers. As a test I wanted to make sure I’m not matchmaking with anyone but I stil. Am. Is there something I’m missing?
  9. Will I only see people that are in my party or fireteam on the map or will other people show up too
  10. One more question. If I have geofilter on and want to add my friends to whitelist. How do I know who is who? Do they only show up on the map if they are in my party
  11. If I have two xboxes hooked up to the r1 and I have one player on Xbox a join Xbox b. Should I see Xbox a in my geofilter map. Currently I don’t see it.
  12. I thought I would lose QoS if I put the Orbi below the r1
  13. disregard my prior post about no connection. I am just being really careless and stupid. I can connect.
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