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  1. Thanks. This is actually quite helpful; I'll take a look and see if the PLA has any user configurable options that I may have missed. Guessing this is a model-specific issue, as others here have used other brands of PLAs. May be a useful item to add to future lab/R&D tests 😉 Have a good one!
  2. Nope, nothing at all. Has your team used Netgear PLAs with the Router successfully in compatibility tests? Just trying to determine if this is a problem with the Router, or if it is an issue specific to the Netgear PLP2000 adapters.
  3. No, the devices do not appear when connected to the R1. If I remove the R1, and connect them directly to my Arris Modem/Router they work fine and are visible in the Arris connection manager.
  4. Hi Alex-- Yep, they are paired correctly, and work fine with the Arris SVG2482AC I have currently. On the Arris, the PLA on the other end of the ethernet cable (i.e. the PLA in the same room as the modem/router) shows the IP of the PLA adapter it is plugged into. I'm assuming that there is some sort of hub logic going on, as several of these can pair within a house. Specific info on the device: https://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/powerline/PLP2000.aspx The device is Homeplug AV2 compliant. Any ideas, or is there another PLA I should look at (which would be a shame as these are smoking fast). Thanks! Rick
  5. Hello-- I have a R1 router and a pair of Netgear PLP2000 powerline adapters; I've seen numerous posts here stating people are able to use powerline adapters, but wheneve I try to use these to connect to my R1 router, they don't even show up. In DumaOS, the map looks like nothing is plugged in. I've tried my Xbox and a PC to no avail. Tried all Ethernet ports: No change I tried this on the stock firmware, and upgraded to Duma OS: No change I trued factory resetting both PLP2000s, No change. Please note that the PLP2000 adapters works fine when connected to my Arris SVG2482AC directly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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