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  1. I have not received any replies from anyone flagged as a Netgear employee in that forum. Just a forum regular. If you could do something to get their eyes on it, it’d be appreciated. Also, if you’re wanting any logs/further information from me, just let me know (and also how to collect them. 😉 )
  2. I posted this in the Netgear Beta forums, but figured I should probably post it here as well (for ease of visibility to the Netduma folks.) After installing the latest General Release firmware for the XR700,, I've been experiencing 2 pretty big problems: When loading the QoS page, I'd receive an RPC error popup and after clicking OK, all QoS settings were showing as default. (I thought I'd saved the whole error in a text file, but I can't seem to find it.. sorry. I've seen others post here with the same issue) This has been resolved by updating to the Beta Firmware ( At seemingly random intervals, my internet connection will just die for minutes (or in some extreme cases hours) at a time. When it happens, the "Internet Status" will show "Connection Status: Disconnected", but it will still show the IP from my ISP. Ping monitoring shows that the connection is dying between the router and the cable modem. My ping monitoring is watching 5 different hosts, each one hop further from the pining host: Monitoring host is a VM running in Virtualization Station on my QNAP NAS Hop 1 is the IP of the QNAP itself Hop 2 is the LAN IP of the XR700 Hop 3 is the WAN IP of the XR700 Hop 4 is the Admin IP of my Netgear CM600 Cable Modem Hop 5 is When I experience an outage, the pings die trying to reach Hop 4. See attached screenshot It has happened during periods of high network use, as well as over night when everyone is asleep. I've replaced the Ethernet cable between my Cable Modem and XR700, twice. (each time with a better quality cable) I've replaced my Cable Modem, twice. (Once with a newer unit from my ISP, and most recently with a Netgear CM600.) I've done a full factory reset since upgrading to I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do next. I'm debating rolling back to firmware just to rule out that it's not some kind of hardware problem with the WAN port of my XR700. As I alluded to above, I've been (kinda) working the issue with Netgear (I have an ongoing thread in the Beta Firmware forum), but I haven't gotten a whole lot of response/help there. Any insights on next steps would be appreciated.
  3. I can appreciate that. Well, here's hoping that one of your devs sees the suggestion and adds it to the backlog.
  4. When using the builtin DHCP & DNS providers on the router, devices that populate into Device Manager automatically get named according to their Host Name. However, when using an external DHCP & DNS providers (such as a Windows Server), all devices show up in device manager as "unnamed device" and have to be manually named. It'd be great if we had an option to configure Device Manager to be able to query external DHCP and/or DNS providers to handle automatic naming of devices.
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