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  1. Hi Seelix, What Modem are you using? Is it a DM200 by any chance? If so, a fix / workaround has been found. Lemme know and I will explain how to fix it as this method has solved my exact same issue. Cheers.
  2. I can confirm that the above solution also works for me. Crazy but it does work. Basically do not let the XR500 handle any of the VLAN stuff for you and amazingly all works fine. Thank you JoshGre, you saved me buying a switch. This stupid issue has already forced me to buy other NAS, so now I have two 😞
  3. Thanks. So if it is a Netgear issue are you going to take it up with them or do we need to? They fixed this poor bug in other routers. Hardly fitting for one of there flagship routers to have such a silly floor. It is not only an issue with NAS' but also IP cameras etc.... Cheers.
  4. So roughly when? Also is the issue that we are reporting going to be looked at? Surely VLAN tagging should only be used on the WAN side not also the LAN?
  5. My thoughts also. It is a known bug and been known for sometime but no one is doing anything about it.
  6. Yes and that was also a no go. I am pretty fed up of reseting my router now and naming my 50 odd devices each time. I am so close to going back to my WRT32X it is unreal.
  7. Thank god someone else is having the same issue! It is driving me INSANE!
  8. I can confirm that IGMP makes no difference and also that it only works with VLAN off. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SORT THIS. I now have £600 of NAS's sat here that I can't access via 90% of my stuff as they are wireless. This is crazy!
  9. Amazingly the EXACT same issue I am having! Seelix, when dod your issue start?
  10. GREAT! Now the upgrade back to did not go well. Now getting errors and I have lost all my custom device names of the 40 odd devices I had spent time maintaining over the past several months! I am now getting these issues and still can access my NAS'! I can no longer add my xbox to Geofilter, etc.... This is turning into a nightmare! I have even factory reset and then applied my settings back up but still no success. Now what?
  11. I downgraded and issue still there. Did more research and I have found the issue and it has been know for a YEAR!!!! VLAN which is required by my ISP. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/WIFI-devices-cannot-reach-my-NAS/td-p/1593399 How can we get this sorted as that is insane? It has cost me buying a 2nd NAS for no damn good reason other than a issue caused by the router 😞 And I am now upgrading back to due to the security risks.
  12. Hi Alex. Thanks for the reply I will test that tonight. My mate is also having issues with his NVR cams on his XR500. any ideas on the issue and the actual fix as this wasn’t a problem before. I have had this router for about 8 months and it used to work fine.
  13. Well I got no further on my testing. I am going to switch back to my WRT32X tonight and see if this fixes the issue. This will show categorically that there is an issue with the XR500 firmware at the mo. I am pretty peed off as looks like I bought another NAS for nothing!
  14. I have been doing more testing and I can sometimes get on the management pages via the WIFI but it is exceptionally slow and will often no longer work after a couple of clicks saying Connection failed and to check network settings. As soon as I am back on a wired network, it zips along as usual and faultlessly. I have tested WIFI on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, and I get the same issue on both. I have no other issues at all on the router with anything else. The router has been rebooted several times and the exact same issue persists.
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