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  1. Just for clarification and peace of mind: QoS being on should be lowering speeds from a speedtest since it's allocating bandwidth across devices, right? My ongoing fear is that I'm putting in my total bandwidth in as 1000mbps but if I don't get close to that it will screw up the calculations of the anti-bufferbloat and bandwidth allocation and what not.
  2. Yes I did do that. However, see below. I called to activate the new modem, but I guess they didn't provision it. I just called again and they did the provisioning and now my speeds have jumped up I'm averaging in the 300-400 range when I disable QoS. It goes down when I enable it, but I assume that's by design. Tested direct connect to the modem and was getting in the mid 400s so there is a lot less disparity now. So now I just have to make sure comcast provides me what I'm paying for, wish me luck there Thanks for the help everyone. I'll be sure to hang out on the forums some and post again if things go awry.
  3. So I don't think this is a problem because both the router and the modem are brand new, as previously there was a modem/router combo rented from xfinity being used. I do appreciate the suggestion though. I did as @Sunaikinti recommended and hit the reset button on my modem while my router was on. I also Disabled QoS and adjusted the bufferfloat as outlined above and now I am getting about 100mbps down, which is slightly more but still 1/10th of what I'm paying for. While I totally get that I'll not likely get the full 1gbps, I still would like to see more than 1/10th of it of course lol. Did end up adjusting the QoS settings but I haven't done a factory reset yet. I'm going to try a factory reset if there's nothing else to do. I've been avoiding that. I hope I can figure it out with the QoS though, because I really don't want to not have the QoS features, that's like half the reason I bought this router! Thanks for you're help everyone, I'm open to any other suggestions.
  4. @Sunaikinti Great. Should I leave the router on when I'm resetting the modem?
  5. Hey @Sunaikinti thanks for the warm welcome! I have a SURFBoard SB8200. It's my own, not from Xfinity. My XR500 does have QoS enabled at the moment, but I disabled it and tried the speedtest again and there was no luck last night. I'm on the most up-to-date Firmware. I'm at work now, but when I get home later I will try the modem reset and then report back. Thanks for the help!
  6. I just purchased an XR500 and was so excited to set it up as I have been wanting one for a while now. I finally got everything setup with Xfinity (ugh, I know) and did a speedtest and I'm not even breaking 90mbps download. My plan is 1000mbps. When directly connecting to my modem I'm getting around 400mbps, but when I plug into my router (hardwired to PC with a Cat7 cable) I get no more than 90mbps. Any advice? I went through a guide that I found and nothing seemed to help.
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