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  1. Yes hopefully they will as this makes the router unusable.
  2. After trying these steps I ran into the same issues/error messages again. Contacted Netgear support once again as well and they still have no clue what's going on.
  3. I tried this which worked for a few minutes as long as I did not try to upload my backup of my settings from before (which would give me a "mismatch device" error on trying the load the geo-filter. However after a few minutes of it working it has gone back to the same problem as before. I'm not sure if the firmware update actually fixed anything as before trying this I would sometimes get it to work as well for a few minutes after a factory reset. Also, I did end up convincing the store to replace my router even though I was a week over the warranty period but I got the same results. Before the firmware patch and after on the new router I ran into the same issue. I think at this point is fair to say that it is not hardware failure, as what would be the odds that 2 routers, one brand new, the other about a month and a half old, would both have hardware issues. Unless by some rare chance that the whole lot at the production facility were defective, I think hardware failure can be ruled out at this point.
  4. Yes I can but I would have to send in the router and not have access to the internet for my business for a few weeks for them to send me a new one, which is why I wanted to make sure it's a hardware issue and not something that can be resolved via software update before proceeding with doing so.
  5. Yes I tried this method of reseting the router multiple times and I did disable the hybrid VPN after reset on a few of the attempts. This did not seem to solve the problems at all sadly.
  6. EDIT: I forgot to mention this is on the XR500 router I have been having problems with parts of the DumaOS menus not loading/partially loading or loading and then saying that I am not connected to the router when I am still on the internet. It happens randomly throughout the menus but seems to happen 99% of the time when trying to go to the geo-filter menu or when having the geo-filter setting pinned to the dashboard. I have attached a screenshot of the error that appears and the geo-filter settings do not load at all when this happens. Other times the whole dashboard itself will not load properly and it will give a popup error message saying "script error" I have tried contacting net gear support that went through all the troubleshooting steps they suggest as well as trying multiple factory resets, reflashing firmware, downgrading to a previous firmware, trying to restore setting from a previous back up, all with no result of solving the issue. I am not sure if there is some sort of glitch causing possible damage to the router but I noticed that I only ever started to have these problem after trying to signup for the hybrid VPN service, PureVPN, through the VPN settings page and putting the settings in the router directly for the PureVPN account. I was later told by their support that putting the settings directly into the router is not working with no ETA on a fix and that I should use their app in the meantime. After factory reseting the router and removing their app completely from all devices the setting for their VPN are no longer in the router but I still run into the same issues. Not sure if it is linked to trying to use the Hybrid VPN service but I just thought I should mention the problems happened immediately after trying to do so. I really hope this is something that can be fixed via a hot fix or firmware update as I have not even owned the router for 2 months now and it would be a shame for it to become unusable because of this issue. I look forward to hearing back from you about possible fixes for this issue.
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