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  1. I’ve seen that many people use this method on destiny to make free wins
  2. and then I’m very sure that in my area there is no one so it wouldn’t be enough to put a short range from where I am so to find my second playstation ?
  3. So you’re telling me that it can work but it’s also possible that it doesn’t work right ?
  4. in a game like destiny you think it can work
  5. So you’re telling me that if I put the two playstations in the geofilter and put them in a place where no one else should find me right ?
  6. instead in case we are two teams of friends and we want to find in the game and the leader of the other team is always me with the second playstation find us maybe setting the geofilter
  7. hi i wanted to ask you a help if i have two ps4 in the same house via geofilter i can find my second playstation in matchmaking
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