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  1. Hi Holgates, so if i set my home on antarctica i can get destiny private instances on the new dumaos?
  2. It does not work on Dumaos, that was my original post. Instead of antarctica i set my location in the ocean. Also the reason why i went back to the previous os.
  3. No, i was at work when it happened and he sent me a message, when i got home i installed the previous os.
  4. Yes Fraser, not sure what causes it but i do know the rdr2 servers are a bit glitchy anyway. It definitely improved when i changed back to the old os. He just told me that when it happened he was playing with a couple of his pals and their connections were fine for the few hours they were playing. Maybe worth noting that when it happened i had no devices added to the geofilter.
  5. Just want to add to this that my son said he was playing Red dead redemption 2 online on his PS4 and he was being kicked from the game a lot, his PS4 is wired to the R1 but is not added to the geofilter. He said when he looked on google for help he saw a lot of posts regarding this issue on the R1 and the answer was to install the old O/S. I have done this and all is fine again. Saw a comment stating that it felt as if they were being governed by the geofilter even though it was not in use. My other son who is connected via wifi through the R1 had no issues whilst we were using the DumaOS. Im happy to remain on the old OS for now and if you fix the issues in the DumaOS i will definitely give it another go, it is a beta after all and this post is to highlight the issues i have experienced whilst using it.
  6. Ok Fraser, hopefully the fix won't take so long.
  7. Ok tried on the PC, checked all settings but it is exactly the same, populated tower instance and all connected players in the UK.
  8. Did that and it's the same, tried cloud flush twice both times gave the took too long mesage, geo filter is still showing all connected players in the uk.
  9. Looking at the screenshot seems like the router is not using the remote home i have set in the ocean, its working as if i have my home set in the uk.
  10. I have also double checked my device is assigned to the correct ip address.
  11. Hi Fraser, My friend was not on my allowed list, i tried it without adding him to see if we got the nat issue msg. Added the screenshots as i was in the tower.
  12. Just to add that after i posted this, with the above mentioned settings applied and filtering mode on my friend from Vienna joined my psn party and was able to hear and talk to me, the settings usually cause a nat issue and we cannot hear or talk to each other.
  13. Hi, I have installed the DumaOS on my R1, i am having an issue with Destiny 2. On the old geofilter i could set my home to somewhere in the ocean, drop the range to 111km and ping assist to 0, check strict mode and this would let me go into strikes, patrols, tower completely alone. No one could join and it was great for doing daily bounties without other peoples interference. Since i have installed the DumaOS i cannot make this work, i have added my ps4 to the geo-filter, set it as i did on the last os and it seems to do nothing, i matchmake into everything now and the geo filter shows people all over the world! I am in the UK. Am i missing something? in other settings maybe. Your help will greatly appreciated.
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