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  1. Always use this IP has the following text 'If enabled, the BT Smart Hub will always attempt to give the device the same IP address every time it connects.;' so DHCP related. Yes the R1 is in the DMZ
  2. Correct WAN is set to static. LAN is technically static as it's the GW IP. if by does it get downtime you mean the BT access control then no it doesn't Attached screen shots for both devices
  3. No nothing specific, sometimes playing playstation or web browsing and even when i am not doing anything my work email or teams will stop pulling data.
  4. OK a correction to my previous post. the Netduma just stopped again and while my laptop was still connected to the WIFI network I was not able to ping my wired NAS which is on the same subnet so when the Netduma has the problem it is also affecting the local Layer 2 network. again a restart and connectivity is back.
  5. yes for both wired and wireless. The Netduma hasn't crashed and the Netduma wired and WIFI is still working but for some reason it can't get to the BT Hub and I cannot connect to the BT Hub GW once I reboot the Netduma the link comes back instantly and works again. The issue may well be with a setting on the BT hub but I have no idea what could be causing it.
  6. Alex yes I have the Netduma IP set to static on both itself and the BT hub. Azlios yes I can sometimes see BTWIFI-with-FON but not always
  7. Trust me the BT WIFI is crap however it's a copper modem so I can't use the Netduma to connect to the ISP as it's a cable modem. So I still have the dropout issue it now runs for about an hour or so no issue before dropping. I have left downloads running over night as well and they finish and are large downloads with my bad speed the link must be re-establishing itself after a while. Attached is the latest log file log-1561385244897.txt
  8. I've now added then Netduma to the DMZ the BT hub is in router mode I cannot disable the WIFI as it's used by devices in the house. the netduma lives in my outside office and provides wried and wireless to my office devices. Disconnects are occuring less often since turning off IPv6 and setting the IP of the netduma to static I'll update tomorrow at some point with how it's working.
  9. Disabling IPv6 didn't help. I've also set the WAN Ip statically on the Netduma still drops the connection
  10. It was on. I've disabled it now will see if that helps or not
  11. My Netduma keeps dropping it's connection every ten minutes or so I then have to reboot it to restore the connection which works for another 10 mins or so. My physical setup is BT Router/Modem > Ethernet cable to port 1 on the Netduma then I am using the wired LAN and WIFI of the Netduma for my office kit. I can't link my Netduma directly to the WAN connection as it's via copper now RJ45 however the BT Router has internet when the Netduma fails. Attached is the log file of the Netduma. One other thing I noticed is the time on the Netduma is 1 hour behind my PC time but I can't see a way to change this and not sure if it's part of the issue or not. log-1561023079025.txt
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